Friday, September 29, 2017

What a GREAT Home Design in JOSHUA TREE

According to the article, this is a proposed home that has been commissioned by a producer.  Designed by British architect James Whitaker, it is comprised of shipping containers that have been assembled in a modern, provocative and original design.  The house will be built in Joshua Tree, CA which is a neighbor of mine in the Palm Springs area of southern California.  Palm Springs is known for its mid-century modern architectural wonders.  Joshua Tree and other hi-Desert homes have created many ultra-modern homes (this area isn't that populated) that, in my opinion, are the perfect setting for these cutting edge designs.

I have admired of the last few years many examples of beautiful homes that use shipping containers.  This one is the best and I think that it is because of its location in such strange, other-worldly landscape.  It would be just as appealable in an urban environment and I've seen examples.  These designs aren't quite as cutting edge.

I love unique architectural designs.  I live in a region where architecture is an important part of its history and culture.  I'm fortunate.

Check out the article about this house at:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

ME WANT: the new Tesla 3

 I have admired the Tesla cars since they were launched.  But only the wealthy could afford the product.  Elon Musk, the visionary and founder of Tesla thinks about transforming and improving the world we live in.  I think he is single-handedly changing our world and the way we operate.

Last week, he launched a new and gorgeous product that is not as expensive as his previous creation. The new car, Tesla 3, reflect the same commitment to design quality and dedication to creating a new new automobile.  This goes down in history tantamount to the creation of cars and of airplanes.  Of course, the fact that is an all electric car is revolutionary.

In addition to that milestone, Tesla has a commitment to quality an design aesthetics which are reminiscent of Steve Jobs and Apple.

The exterior is beautiful.  The front dashboard has no elements or instrumentation.  I has only a computer screen, similar on iPad that provides speed and basic functions a driver would expect.  And it allows control of all car functions as well as other features (mapping, GPS).  This design is revolutionary as well.

The car starts at $35,000 for the basic model.  You can upgrade the battery length/distance and there features such as a moonroof.   I will never be able to afford this beauty be the price is realistic and will help transition the auto industry.  The article enclosed says that the UK has made oil (petrol)/gasoline vehicles to be illegal beginning in 2040.  Volvo has also committed to moving to an all electric product line.

This is so wonderful for every driver on the planet.  We will eliminate our dependence and gouging by oil companies and countries around the world that are making Trillions of dollars because of our dependance on oil.  I wouldn't be surprised that the lunatic president in office now, as well as the oil industry and the countries that produce oil, don't do something to hijack them.  This could make them all obsolete.  I don't think that will happen without inference.  These components in the current world make so much money.  Most of our politics are based upon this resource.

I hope for mankind that Elon Musk is truly launching a new age.  But I am very jaded about the world and big corporations and politics.

Enjoy these photos that illustrate the beauty of the Tesla 3 model.  Check out this article:

Thursday, August 31, 2017

IN Remembrance: DIANA, Princess of Wales

 I will never forget this remarkable, singular, enigmatic woman. She was a human who truly tried to bring good to the world.  I feel so angry of her treatment.  Her spoiled, jealous, heartless husband Charles and his mistress, Camilla, will go down in history as the world's most hateful, notorious bullies.  I think that so many people let her down:  the royal family and the Spencers.  The Windsors wanted a young, virgin princess for the Prince of Wales.  She gave them that.  And she outshone them.  As far as I'm concerned she was far more regal than anyone in that hateful, Windsor family, expect for The Queen.

Diana is pictured here with another remarkable humanitarian of that era, Mother Teresa. Diana was 19 years old when she married Charles who was 33.  The royal priince just assumed that she would know how to be a fairy tale princess. And she became that.  The public adored her, which created jealousy and envy within the Windsor firm.  Rather than provide her with guidance, support and appreciation, they instead treated her with condescension and envy.  In spite of the force of the Establishment that was against her, she grew as a human.  She suffered personal pain, but this did not inhibit her from evolving and rising above all of it.  She is perhaps the most accomplished humanitarian in history.  She was remarkably beautiful.  She evolved from a beautiful young woman into an astonishing, self-confident, remarkable human.  She was dedicated mother who raised two sons who now portray all of her public qualities.  She truly lives on through these two and the way they have chosen to behave as adults.  All qualities that the royal family, for the most part, lack (they have tried to become modern, but they have a ways to go--and Charles is not the person who possesses the talent to do that.

I just watched a tv show.  Diana laughed and it was a beautiful, infectious moment.  That is the thing about Diana, she was, and will forever remain magical, unlike anyone else.

I remember the night she died.  Where were you?  I was in Montreal on vacation and had just checked in to my hotel.  It was 10 or 11 pm.  I turned on the television and heard the news.  I was heartbroken.  She had been such an inspiration since my early twenties when I'd watched her getting married to Charles.  I admired her immensely.  When I first heard the news I thought: "they've (the royal family) murdered her."  I haven't changed my mind since.

The British monarchy pulled off the biggest scam in history, offering up this "sacrificial lamb" to create a false fairy tale.  The world is basically a lie, but I didn't begin to know that until she died.  In the twenty years since, the royal family have done their very best to vilify her.  And they allowed Charles and her mistress to marry.  Fine.  But I don't think Charles should ever ascend to the throne (especially not Camilla as Queen--she is more of a courtesan).  I think they got what they (Duke and Duchess of Cornwall) wanted and they should be exiled into anonymity onto their own island of Elba.  That is certainly what the hateful royal family did to the previous Prince of Wales, King Edward VIII and thereafter Duke of Windsor.

I have feared all these years that the royal family would extinguish her from history.  That doesn't appear to be the case, as she left behind two remarkable, modern, royal sons that have vowed that she will never be forgotten.  She left a legacy far more powerful than would have ever been imagined. The future of the monarchy (if there is one) will be drastically different because of Diana and her sons, Prince William and Prince of Wales and the love that she gave to our world.

I admire the Queen immensely.  Unlike the rest of her family Her Majesty has never put a wrong foot forward during her long lifetime.  The only exception was Diana.  Charles and his mistress are baboons.  I know that he is so arrogant as to want to inherit the throne.   How sad that this pathetic excuse of a man has never had to pay a price for his human weaknesses.  This couple, Charles and Camilla should suffer karma.  He should not be king. And they should both remove themselves from public life.  Enjoy their bliss together.  They certainly left a horrid path of destruction to achieve their aim to be wed.

I will not ever forget Diana.  And I will always support her legacy:  William, Kate, George, Charlotte
and Harry and those that follow.  So many remarkable pictures and memories of her and just a few are shown here.

Diana, Princess of Wales you are gone, but I pledge I will never forget you.  I suppose there may be people who don't know who she was or her story.  Today, August 31, is the twentieth anniversary of her death.  She inspired the world unlike few others.

Friday, August 18, 2017

A NEW Tower May be The World's Largest Tower...for a Short Time

A new Dubai tower, currently named the Dubai Creek Tower, will be the tallest tower in Dubai.  According to CCN Online it "would be ready in time for Dubai Expo 2020."  The current tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai at 2,717ft.  CNN goes on to report:  "When completed, this new 3,045ft tower will best the Burj by a massive 322ft."  The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world.

This will be great and a significant milestone.  The problem is that another building is currently underway in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Jeddah Tower (formerly known as the Kingdom Tower), when it is finished will be 3,045ft making.  As of July 2017, 58 floors have been completed on the Jeddah Tower.

The new Dubai Creek Tower currently has only a 236ft deep foundation footprint.  The tower was designed by architect, Santiago Calatrava.   This structure is different than the Burj Khalifa and the Jeddah Tower.  It does not contain habitable space.  It is similar to the Eiffel Tower, CNN Tower in Toronto, or the Tokyo Skytree (currently the tallest "tower").  It will feature an observation deck and a "capacious Hanging Gardens of Babylon-style floors."   There will not be any floors that contain residential or commercial space.

Read more in the CNN article:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright: Interesting NY island goes up For Sale

This Wright designed family compound which was built on "Situated on the 11-acre Petra Island in upstate New York's Putnam County, the property, known as the Massaro house," according to a DailMail online article by Kelly McLaughlin which was posted today. It is on Lake Mahopac and is a 15-minute helicopter ride to Manhattan, thanks to it's roof helipad.

The house and island is for sale for $14.9 and is evocative of the architect's most famed creations:  Fallingwater which is located in Pennsylvania.  

This house is very curious though.  It was originally commissioned in 1950 by the owner of the island, engineer, Ahmed Chahroud.  Alas, Chahroud, could not afford the $50,000 expense to build Wright's design.   The Petra Island was eventually bought by Joe Massaro by a new owner who bought Petra for $70,000, who commenced construction of Wright's blueprints.   It took four years and Wright's house finally completed in 2007.  It is impressive.  The furniture looks to be all evocative of Wright.  It looks as though it was built in 1950 when the architect originally designed it. It remained fateful to the famed architect's design and beliefs.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with architecture.  At the time I was obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright and I recall checking out every book from the library about the man and his designs.  I still love architecture.  It is one of my few fancies these days.  I so wish I could have become an architect but alas, I have found algebra, geometry, etc to be utterly impossible.  

This is a wonderful story.  A heart-shaped island within minutes Manhattan, with a Frank Lloyd Wright designed compound (house and two guest houses) which was not built until 2007, over a half century after the architect designed it in blue print.

That is happy news!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

R.I.P. to the legendary singer Barbara Cook.

R.I.P. Barbara Cook who had one of the most luminescent and distinct voices in the last 100 years.  And she was a master musical "storyteller".  I feel so privileged to have heard her live in concert since my twenties.  I have relished every single album she ever recorded (and they were numerous).  She covered so many to the famous composers in recent musical history.  I remember watching several television concerts (I think they were PBS--let us hope that future generation will not know and appreciate what PBS is and has done).

See the New York Times article from today:

I loved all of her portfolio.  She san all the standard Broadway composers, especially the brilliance of her voice in the 50's and 60's Broadway shows that she originated such Leonard Bernstein's Candide and The Music Man, the latter of which garnered her a Tony Award.  She struggled with alcoholism and successfully overcame it.  Gordon Cox, in obituary date 8/8/17 shared a quote from Cook:  "For some reason, it occurred to me that if I could find a way to really learn who I am and put that into my work, then there could be no real competition — because there’s only one of me.”

She did.  Following her Broadway career she became a major cabaret/concert singer star for decades. Her voice was always an amazing instrument.  Cook was a deserved recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors in 2011.  It appears that she continued to perform until 2010.

I will always be a devotee to the genius of this artist.

One of my favorite songs that she recorded and sang in concert was Janis Ian's, "Stars".   Her rendition truly breaks my heart.  You can see a youtube video of this song by clicking here here:

What an amazing life of contribution to art and music and entertainment for decades.  What beauty she brought to the world!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Movie: NORMAN--The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer

Junebug and I watched a film last night on cable movies on demand.  I remember when the movie came out it interested me.

This movie might not be everyone's cup of tea.  It certainly isn't a film that cost a billion dollars to make and is about comic book characters, animation or films geared for male aggressive pleasure.  If that is your taste I apologize.  I mean no insult.  It's just that in this day and my age there are so few films that appeal to my taste.  This is sort of a dark comedy/drama.  We thought it was great.

Richard Gere plays the lead character (Norman Oppenheimer).  I thought this was one of his best performance.  He should do more character roles.  He has the chops to do it.  The cast is impressive too:  Michael Sheen, Steve Buscemi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Hank Azaria, Josh Charles and others.

RottenTomato gave it an 89% critic rating which is high.  Although I could care less what critics say. If a movie interests me I'll watch it, just as we did with Norman.

Gere delivers an impressive performance.  IMDb describes the story :  "Norman Oppenheimer is a small time operator who befriends a young politician at a low point in his life. Three years later, when the politician becomes an influential world leader, Norman's life dramatically changes for better and worse ("

It is an impressive ensemble cast performance, a very curious story line, great cinematography and film editing as well as directing.  The ending was absolutely perfect in my opinion.  There are a few moments in the film that seem prescient to the lunatic Donald Trump.  The film was made in 2016 so someone was a little clairvoyant in the Israeli Prime Minister character.   There are many moments when two characters are communicated by phone and the screen juxtaposes both actors side by side.  It looks like they next door to each other.  I know I'm not explaining it well, but I really was impressed.

This is a small little film that delivers on every level.

I have a feeling some of you mayfind it boring.  We didn't.  It was a compelling, piercing, emotional, heartfelt piece of film-making.

Richard Gere is at his finest (although this is not his only commendable performance)!

Friday, July 14, 2017


It folds (to three times its size) and unfolds itself within seconds with a push of the button.  When "tiny houses" became fashionable I was fascinated.  But many of them are too tiny.  Anything under 500 sq. ft. is barbarism.  This relatively affordable house, at $129,000, can be folded into a box and carried on the back of a heavy transport truck.   It looks like it would be a very nice, not too small house.  The house is manufactured by Ten Fold Engineering.

See the mashable video that shows the structure folding and unfolding at:

Have you ever regretted every moment of your life?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My nominee for the SEXIEST MAN.

I am utterly charmed by Luis Ortiz, who previously appeared full-time on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing of New York.   

He currently appears occasionally however in past years he was one of the principal cast members of the show.

I love this man.  He looks so beautiful.  He is always so perfectly groomed (as are Ryan and Fredrik). But he exudes so much enthusiasm and earnestness, which is my favorite quality in people.  He always appears immaculate.  And he always has a gleam in his eye and his smile breaks your heart.

Tonight, he revisited the show and announced that he was going to move to Paris.  Ryan and Fredrik were critical.  But Luis' passion and enthusiasm made them look like old, warty, crone, witches.  I think they were envious.

I'm not much of a fan for Bravo's programming these days.  The housewives and other brands are so tiresome.  Please make them go away, along with the Kardashians.  I still watch the show Below Deck and Million Dollar Listing of New York.  Occasionally, I'll watch Watch What Happens Live if it doesn't feature all of the housewives.  Andy and most of his show is truly boring and most of his programming is now overdone, redundant and hackneyed.

Luis Ortiz is the biggest star discovered on Bravo.  I wish him much success.  I wish Andy would give Luis his on reality show.  He has the star power and charisma more than anyone on the Bravo network.

I just finished watching the New York Housewives.  With a couple exceptions, these people are truly lunatic.  I find everything about them utterly repugnant.  But Andy Cohen always is gleeful with these people's before.  On his show tonight, he was orgasmic watching one of the drag queen bartenders open her legs whilst laying down in front of Andy and his guest.  Mr. Cohen seems to think he has discovered something unknown.  Been there with the drag queen in 1982.  He delights with glee at how low he can go portraying humans in the lowest form (drag queens excluded but the gyrations were not as shocking as Andy thinks).  Go away Andy.  Or find a new act.  I think you are in some ways responsible for the collapse of the US culture and the election of trump.  Andy seems to always find it all so originally and hysterically funny.  Sorry, dude.  Your not original.  And your rehashing programming for decades is really pathetic.  When I first watched you years ago, I was enthralled.  But you have long gone past your stale date.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

INDEPENDENT films: 3 Generations & This Beautiful Fantastic

 I love movies and have for my entire life.  Unfortunately, the film industry's obsession with comic book-themed films that are obscenely over budget (and not interesting) are the overwhelming product that are made these days.

I have always loved independent films.  They aren't very prolific these days.  So I don't see movies very often.

Tonight was an exception.  We watched two movies that were pay per view on tv. They were good in different ways.  But I feel satisfied, which is rare, with our movie viewing experience tonight.

The two indie movies that the Bug (my mom) and I enjoyed tonight are:

3 Generations--Naomi Watts, Susan Sarandon, Elle Fanning and others.  "After Ray [Elle Fanning} decides to transition from female to male, Ray's mother, Maggie [Naomi Watts], must come to terms with the decision while tracking down Ray's biological father to get his legal consent."  Sarandon plays the mother to Naomi Watts and grandmother to Elle Fanning.

This Beautiful Fantastic--Starring most notably Tom Wilkinson and Anna Chancellor (she played "Duckface" in 4 Weddings and a Funeral).  "A young woman who dreams of being a children's author makes an unlikely friendship with a cantankerous, rich old widower."

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

RICHARD BRANSON has plans for a new Supersonic Commercial Jet to replace the Concorde

This is encouraging news about how we will be advancing forward in technology in the future.  Billionaires they may be, but Richard Branson and Elon Musk are making giant steps forward mankind, unlike the imbecile trump and his junta government.  I've always thought the it was very sad that our supersonic transportation became obsolete when the Concorde fleet was retired in 2003.  Thank heavens for the amazingly wealthy humans who are doing something for mankind.  The same could be said about billionaires who are philanthropic (Bill Gates).  Fun article.  I just hope I live to see the day it flies (well, maybe not, based upon the wold today).

The aircraft could go into commercial service as early 2020 and several airlines have committed to buy.   The Concorde was funded by governments.  Two airlines, Air France and British Airways starting in 1976.  The aircraft was never profitable for either carrier.

This new plane will be more profitable for airlines to operate and will passengers will pay the equivalent of a Business Class fare today.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

A GREAT Independent Movie: TABLE 19

We just finished watching a great, quirky small independent film titled, Table 19.  It has a great cast (Lisa Kudrow, Anna Kendrick, Craig Robinson, among others).

Years ago in my 20's, 30's and 40's I relished indie films.  And they were prolific compared to 2017.  Most movies are made for young men.  They have recently been the drivers for the billions of dollars generated by testosterone-geared movies.  I was very happy to see that Wonder Woman which is from that genre, defeat and make huge amounts of money.  I'm thrilled.  But I doubt I'll watch the movie.

Table 19 is a film about a handful of odd characters who find themselves seated at the last table of a wedding dinner.  They are individually eccentric, to say the least.  I really enjoyed this film.  I wish more indie films were made.  I'm so old that maybe I'm just clueless.  But I would recommend Table 19!  If you don't like it then go watch the latest $300 M Mavil comic book which will premiered next Friday.

Great cast.  Good script.  Good production values.  And not about comic book characters.  I doubt they even spent more than $20-$30M to make it.

Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 Tony Awards

Just finished watching my favorite show of the year, the Tony's. It didn't disappoint. I sobbed my way through it. I read one reviewer who compared it to last year and the Hamilton triumph. I thought this year's awards were fabulous. My days of seeing shows are over, sadly. But everything I read indicated that it was a great Broadway season. 
Kevin Spacey did a great job as emcee. Kudos, Kevin.

I was so hoping that Bette Midler would win for Hello Dolly! And she did. And she gave a singular acceptance speech which was classic Bette. When she went on too long and the orchestra started playing music to signal that her time was up, she told them to "Shut up." And they did. It was the ultimate Divine Miss M moment ever. Kudos to her for the award and the command performance in accepting the award. When this diva speaks we all should listen. I don't think anyone on the planet during these award shows has ever told the orchestra to shut up and the orchestra stopped. That is power!

I so wish I could have seen shows this season. I saw two of my favorite actresses, Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon on Andy Cohen's talk show and I was so fascinated by the way their play, Little Foxes, was being presented (…/little-foxes-review-cynthia-nixon…). Cynthia Nixon won an award and I was thrilled. Laura Linney didn't. This actor is long overdue for an Oscar and a Tony. I would love to see this show twice and watch the actors play the same role.

I'd read about the new musical Dear Evan Hansen and I had a feeling it was in contention. There several great performances but Ben Platt's (Dear Evan Hansen) was astonishing. The musical went on to win 6 Tony Awards including Ben Platt for Best Actor in a Musical. 
Another remarkable moment for me, was when Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersol sang for the nominated musical "War Paint". What an amazing pairing of vocal genius. I read somewhere that Ms. LuPone thinks this is her last show. I hope not.
Finally, this award show had a show ending. Kevin Spacey and Patti LuPone sang a Frank Sinatra-esque song and all the winners came out. This year was star power even though Lin-Manuel Miranda made a short appearance to present an award. What a season that I missed. (Would love to have seen Sally Field and Cate Blanchett, both who were up for rewards.

A year after "Hamilton" dominated the Tonys, Broadway shines.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Are Atheists Generally Smarter Than Religious People?

I have truncated this headline of a really interesting and evocative article.  The actual article, on Huffington Post website, is titled: "Why Are Atheists Generally Smarter Than Religious People?" (

I very much lean toward atheism.  Although I have to say since Trump was elected I say a prayer every night for our future.  I'm sure it's learned behavior from my upbringing.  Bill Maher's brilliant documentary in 2008 titled Religious really made me come to a conclusion.  But I still have a huge curiosity of the massiveness and the complexity of the universe.

So maybe I'm an atheist.  But I know for sure that I'm NOT smarter.  The algebraic question in this article baffled me.  I simply do not understand algebra or math word problems.

This article is a very curious discussion.  And a great movie!

Friday, June 9, 2017

RACHEL MADDOW is a goddess!

She is truly the best thing in the news and on television.  She is intelligent, articulate, humorous and gracious.  She is the hope for this country's future.  She is the voice of freedom.

She recently took a holiday for a week or two.  She has returned better than ever.  Forbes says: Rachel Maddow Is Now The Most Powerful Person In Cable.

Thanks to Maddow's brilliance, MSNBC is now the most-watched news.  People have caught on to the lies of Fox news and CNN who seems to do anything it can to outdo Fox.  Fie on them both.  MSNBC is the only television news for me.

See the news about MSNBC ratings at:

I nominate Rachel Maddow for president in 2020!  She is my oasis in a the worst desert.

Also glad that MSNBC has retained Lawrence O'Donnell.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

HAM LOAF: A blast from the past

I've only eaten this dish once in the mid-80's when I made it.  The recipe came from my mother's Lubbock Women's Club cookbook.

I was living in Long Beach (Bixby Knolls) with my partner.  I was a flight attendant for Western Airlines (later Delta).  Bixby Knolls, at the time, was this idllic place surrounded by LA urban blight. This was in the mid-80's.  The names Bixby Knolls and Ham Lear seem to come from a similar time place, by the sound of it.

We cooked this meal in memory of one of my most beloved friends, Alan Lane Hayworth.  He died in the early days of AIDS.  Not a day goes by that I haven't thought of him.  He was taken too early.  I so wish he were here in today's world to share the crazy world we're currently living in.  Alan lived in Texas, where I'm from.  We would talk long distance (a concept that current generations have no clue) periodically to get caught up.  On one of our calls he would asked when I picked up the phone: "What are you doing?"  I answered "I'm making a ham loaf."  For some reason, Alan started howling with laughter and teasing me about "ham loaf."  I think he found my response and my life bit a bit too suburban housewife.

I haven't made this recipe since.  My mother and I made this a couple of nights ago.  We did so with smiles on our faces, thinking of my friend, Alan.  Gone, but never forgotten.

I think Ham Loaf is an old time thing.  But it is heavenly.  It puts a meat loaf to shame.  The menu is below.  I think that to make this a more modern recipe I'd decrease the sugar because it is too sweet.   The sugar is used to make a sauce.  At this point in my life, I am not a big fan of sweet entrees.  

I'll make this dish again.  And everyday, I'll remember my beloved friend Alan.

3/4 lbs. ground ham
3/4 lbs. ground pork
1/2 t. Salt
1/4 t. Pepper
1/2 C. Bread Crumbs
1/2 C. Milk
1 Egg
1 C. Brown Sugar (see comments above)
1/4 C. Vinegar
1/4 C. Water

Mix first 7 ingredients together and press in loaf pan.  Mix brown sugar, vinegar, water together and pour over meat.

Bake in a 350 degree preheated oven 1 hr. 10 min.

Pour off liquid & thicken slightly with flour.

Meat can be made into patties.

OPTIONAL: Just before serving put sauce and pineapple (optional--I can't stand it so omitted it) on loaf/patty and broil briefly.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

MOVIE: The Space Between Us

We watched this movie tonight and really enjoyed it.  It was an interesting premise that posed several interesting questions.  This post may be a spoiler.

The central character, Gardner Elliot (played by Asa Butterfield), is born on a space mission to Mars. His mother dies.  He survives and is brought up on Mars by a surrogate mother.  His birth was kept a secret.  At age 16, he escapes captivity gets back to Earth, but he is in a delicate state physically since he was born in space.

When he arrives on earth, he sought out a female computer message friend, Tulsa, (Britt Robertson) as well as the man that he thinks is his father.  Gardner and Tulsa fall love and go on an odyssey to find his father.

Gardner's body cannot take earth's gravity and is dying.  He wanted to die. He was saved and transported back to Mars.  If I were Gardner, I would have committed suicide like he tried to do.  Earth is really an awful place.  He ends up back on Mars which is home planet.  I would take a rocket to Mars in a New York minute to escape this stupid Trump/Republican world.  But alas, his love Tulsa, doesn't go with him.  The movies ends but hints that they will reunite and enjoy life on Mars.

This was an entertaining film.  I enjoyed it.  It is worth watching, if anyone is reading this.  Great cast which also includes B.D. Wong and Gary Oldman.  The end was particularly curious.  In my opinion, it suggests that Mars is a better alternative to earth.  I couldn't agree more.  Donald Trump and Republicans are the downfall of our society and our planet.

POSTSCRIPT:  I read an article online that discusses just the scenario that the movie portrayed.  It's worth a read:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Andy Cohen/Anderson Cooper and other opinions

Vanity Fair

I find it very difficult to live in todays world.  Do you?  No one ever visits this website so I a feel liberated to speak my peace.  There are many things that I love.  I will speak about those in the future.  But here is of things I don't love.

I wish the following things would go away (not in this order and not limited to what is listed here):
  • Donald Trump as President
  • House of Representative which is Controlled by the Republican Party
  • House of Representative which is Controlled by the Republican Party
  • The State of Texas
  • All of the Kardashian television shows
  • All of Bravo's Real Housewives branded shows.  All of them.  I've watched some of them but they are absolutely boring and unintelligent at this point
  • Most of Bravo's program, actually
  • Andy Cohen.  Years ago I thought he was funny and a court jester.  I think that he personally has culpability for the downfall of US society and Donald Trump's administration.  When I first watched him and his shows years ago I was mesmerized.  He is either extremely the most arrogant elitist person alive or truly stupid.   I'm beginning to also wonder if his friend Anderson Cooper isn't the same way.  Both of these individuals have truly destroyed our country.
  • Kris Jenner
  • HGTV programming that presents really ignorant Americans buying houses and all their bad taste.  This has contributed to the dumbing down of the country.
  • Guy Fieri on Food Network.  This man's shows also contributes to the dumbing down of America.  I've also heard that he is homophobic
  • Duck Dynasty and all of the other reality shows that have completely made Americans stupid
  • Actor Matthew McConaughey who is from Texas.  He is quickly becoming a caricature of all the things that made me leave that state in 1985
  • Sweet Potatoes 
  • Coconut
  • Pineapple
  • Dim Sum 
  • Entrees that are sweet
  • Social Media
  • Sports (with the exception of tennis)
I'm sure I'll need to append this list.  But it feels great to express my opinion.  Care to disagree? Great.   Please do.  No one reads this blog so I'm just going to say what I want.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mexican FOOD Memories

I'm in my mid-fifties.   I know there are people that are older and compared to them I am relatively old/young.

I have had a good life.  Bad times, sure.  But I have experience the world in ways that a stupid "faggot" from Texas would have conceived.  I graduated high school in 1980.  I did a whole lots of drugs, most of which I had no business doing at my young age.

I moved to California in 1985 when I was employed as a flight attendant.  I was wide-eye and bushy-tailed.  And dumb.

My life really began, in part, when I left Texas.  I moved to LA.  In the intervening years I've been a Southern California nomad, but for the most part I've lived in the Palm Desert (Palm Springs area).  In all of those years I was lucky to have experienced so many amazing and wonderful things in the world.

I lived a life without restraint.  The more money I made the more I spent.   I've owned and sold homes.  I've worked very hard in the healthcare industry but left it in 2007 to pursue my "dream".   There must be one person on the world that started that concept.  I hope they suffer great pain.

Since 2009 fall of the economy every single thing that I was taught in school or programmed afterwards as an adult was a sham.  The world is a lie.

I know a few things though.  Here's the upside to this blog.  I have been exposed to:

  • Good food throughout life.  I love food
  • I've traveled and enjoyed some of the finest of hotels around the world
  • I have always loved music and I have in past years been in the fortunate position to learn and love all types of music, both in concert, on the stage, and recordings
  • I've met many interesting, sometimes strange, people.   Some were celebrities or heroes.  Some were the opposite.
I have a very short bucket list left.  My first, is much like everything in life, no longer exists.   My second still exists but it would require me to go back to Lubbock TX to eat:

  • Cheese enchiladas with rice and beans and sopapillas with butter honey.  As I grew up we went Red River/Taos frequently to snow ski.  There was the BEST mexican food restaurant on the square of downtown Taos.  This would have been in the 1970's.  Does anyone know what it was named?  I know that it is no longer there now. I found a restaurant here in the Palm Springs area that served this dish exactly the way I remembered it.  It was open for many years (El Gallitto) but it closed last year.    All things good must seemingly come to an end.  Why can't my life.

  • Anything from Taco Villa in West Texas.  I would be so afraid that if I went there, the food would have changed.  That's what happens when you get old.

Do you have good memories of moments that you'd like to live once again?  Can you give me update about both of these favorites. I have learned over the many years, that nothing stays the it once was..either it doesn't taste the way it did.. or it doesn't exist.

Friday, May 19, 2017

BRIE/CAMEMBERT cheese--My new food obsession

I have always loved Brie or Camembert (they are the same but have a very slight variance in taste).  Many years ago, in the mid to late 1980's I was a stewardess.  We served brie or camembert in first class.  I became addicted to it then.  When the service was over (this was usually on long hauls) we'd leave the cart out and my fellow crew members would feast.  It was I think my first exposure to this exquisite culinary experience.

Recently we've been having either cheese before dinner.  I am obsessed.  I love the cheese when it is runny and melty.  I also love the rind.  We put ours in a microwave briefly to soften and melt it.  I don't know if this is de rigueur or not to heat the cheese.  I don't care.

I love it anyone.  Do you have a preference for brie or camembert?  Or do you just not like it.

I have always loved it but I am now obsessed with it.  I will probably burn myself out on it, which is my way.

I know that no one reads this.  So I'll use it as a diary to record my inner thoughts.  I would love to have for my last meal:

brie cheese
foie gras
spaghetti carbonara
large bloody rare steak
cheese cake
fried okra
fried green tomato
multiple martinis

I'm sure I've forgotten something.    I would then like to lay down and die.  I read an article about a convicted, condemned to a death sentence who will be murdered by our our government.  The articles reported this man's menu for his last meal.

I admire him.  I don't want to be here.  I cannot stand this country or planet.  I am condemned, but not in a court of law.  I will never have the comfort of knowing when I am going.   Hopefully it will be soon.  I believe in euthanasia.  I think it should be legal in our country.   Oh the meal I would enjoy and the bliss of being out of this nasty, horrid world we are forced to live in.

Life is not a fairy tail.  All your dreams may not come true.  Happiness is luxury that a small segment of this world can pursue.  The majority, the billions, live in poverty.  They have no water.  They do not have food.  In our country alone, many people cannot eat or do not have a home.  Many of the worlds countries populations are being annihilated by their governments or external forces.  I have learned in my 54 years that everything I was taught in Texas/US/Christian faith is nothing but bullshit.  It is all false.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

RENEE FLEMING is the greatest

I've written before about my affinity for this woman who has the most incredible voice of anyone alive.  She has performed her last performance at The Metropolitan Opera in New York ("The Met".) She is not retiring from performing, thank god.  This voice is truly remarkable.

Here's a great interview with her:

I wish Ms. Fleming a long and successful second chapter of her career.  I hope it will include many recordings and concert performances.   The different genres that she has performed in, the versatility of her voice, is so unique.

This article is from PBS, one of the organizations that the fascist trump is eliminating.  That loss is very serious.  Trump says that only rich people watch PBS.  Well I'm fucking poor, and PBS and public radio have made huge influences on my life.

I hope la Fleming goes on a concert tour!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

JOHN HAMM is a gorgeous man and a great actor

Here's a ray of sunshine during the dark, ominous days that we live in.  This man is very talented.  And he's gorgeous!