Tuesday, June 20, 2017

RICHARD BRANSON has plans for a new Supersonic Commercial Jet to replace the Concorde


This is encouraging news about how we will be advancing forward in technology in the future.  Billionaires they may be, but Richard Branson and Elon Musk are making giant steps forward mankind, unlike the imbecile trump and his junta government.  I've always thought the it was very sad that our supersonic transportation became obsolete when the Concorde fleet was retired in 2003.  Thank heavens for the amazingly wealthy humans who are doing something for mankind.  The same could be said about billionaires who are philanthropic (Bill Gates).  Fun article.  I just hope I live to see the day it flies (well, maybe not, based upon the wold today).

The aircraft could go into commercial service as early 2020 and several airlines have committed to buy.   The Concorde was funded by governments.  Two airlines, Air France and British Airways starting in 1976.  The aircraft was never profitable for either carrier.

This new plane will be more profitable for airlines to operate and will passengers will pay the equivalent of a Business Class fare today.

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  1. Interesting article with lots of great pix. Very slick.