Friday, May 19, 2017

BRIE/CAMEMBERT cheese--My new food obsession

I have always loved Brie or Camembert (they are the same but have a very slight variance in taste).  Many years ago, in the mid to late 1980's I was a stewardess.  We served brie or camembert in first class.  I became addicted to it then.  When the service was over (this was usually on long hauls) we'd leave the cart out and my fellow crew members would feast.  It was I think my first exposure to this exquisite culinary experience.

Recently we've been having either cheese before dinner.  I am obsessed.  I love the cheese when it is runny and melty.  I also love the rind.  We put ours in a microwave briefly to soften and melt it.  I don't know if this is de rigueur or not to heat the cheese.  I don't care.

I love it anyone.  Do you have a preference for brie or camembert?  Or do you just not like it.

I have always loved it but I am now obsessed with it.  I will probably burn myself out on it, which is my way.

I know that no one reads this.  So I'll use it as a diary to record my inner thoughts.  I would love to have for my last meal:

brie cheese
foie gras
spaghetti carbonara
large bloody rare steak
cheese cake
fried okra
fried green tomato
multiple martinis

I'm sure I've forgotten something.    I would then like to lay down and die.  I read an article about a convicted, condemned to a death sentence who will be murdered by our our government.  The articles reported this man's menu for his last meal.

I admire him.  I don't want to be here.  I cannot stand this country or planet.  I am condemned, but not in a court of law.  I will never have the comfort of knowing when I am going.   Hopefully it will be soon.  I believe in euthanasia.  I think it should be legal in our country.   Oh the meal I would enjoy and the bliss of being out of this nasty, horrid world we are forced to live in.

Life is not a fairy tail.  All your dreams may not come true.  Happiness is luxury that a small segment of this world can pursue.  The majority, the billions, live in poverty.  They have no water.  They do not have food.  In our country alone, many people cannot eat or do not have a home.  Many of the worlds countries populations are being annihilated by their governments or external forces.  I have learned in my 54 years that everything I was taught in Texas/US/Christian faith is nothing but bullshit.  It is all false.


  1. Chris, I am so surprised. As I said, I don't think anyone visits this blog. Thank you for your reaction. It was depressing as are the times we live.

  2. Mark, you seem very down; justified to an extent by the current administration, I'm sure. Just as you can't go home again, things will not always remain as they are.