Saturday, June 3, 2017

MOVIE: The Space Between Us

We watched this movie tonight and really enjoyed it.  It was an interesting premise that posed several interesting questions.  This post may be a spoiler.

The central character, Gardner Elliot (played by Asa Butterfield), is born on a space mission to Mars. His mother dies.  He survives and is brought up on Mars by a surrogate mother.  His birth was kept a secret.  At age 16, he escapes captivity gets back to Earth, but he is in a delicate state physically since he was born in space.

When he arrives on earth, he sought out a female computer message friend, Tulsa, (Britt Robertson) as well as the man that he thinks is his father.  Gardner and Tulsa fall love and go on an odyssey to find his father.

Gardner's body cannot take earth's gravity and is dying.  He wanted to die. He was saved and transported back to Mars.  If I were Gardner, I would have committed suicide like he tried to do.  Earth is really an awful place.  He ends up back on Mars which is home planet.  I would take a rocket to Mars in a New York minute to escape this stupid Trump/Republican world.  But alas, his love Tulsa, doesn't go with him.  The movies ends but hints that they will reunite and enjoy life on Mars.

This was an entertaining film.  I enjoyed it.  It is worth watching, if anyone is reading this.  Great cast which also includes B.D. Wong and Gary Oldman.  The end was particularly curious.  In my opinion, it suggests that Mars is a better alternative to earth.  I couldn't agree more.  Donald Trump and Republicans are the downfall of our society and our planet.

POSTSCRIPT:  I read an article online that discusses just the scenario that the movie portrayed.  It's worth a read:


  1. Unfortunately, once humans start living on Mars, they'll f*ck that planet up too.

  2. Rick, couldn't agree with you more! Humans are too flawed. In my opinion animals rank higher!