Monday, November 30, 2015

UPDATE on the tallest building in the WORLD under construction

Known as Kingdom Tower this will be the world's tallest skyscraper will be 3,300 ft. and 170-stories.   The building is currently under construction in Jedda Saudi Arabia, at 26-floors.  When completed in 2018 the structure will supplant the Burj Khalifa (2722 ft), as the tallest building in the world.   Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture, a Chicago-based firm, created the design for the Kingdom Tower.

Of course this will all be dwarfed if the previous posting for a mega-tall tower is funded and ever moves beyond the stage of proposal.

We've been tracking this building for a while before construction began.  It has been interesting the varying height and design proposals along the way.

That's over 1k.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Another tallest SKYSCRAPER proposed for: BASRA???

This thing is monstrous.   If it is ever built, it it would be the world's tallest skyscraper. Assuming that another tower isn't erected which is mightier than Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Tower in Jeddah when is currently under construction and if it is finished in 2019, will be the world's tallest building.

It is fascinating that this tower is proposed for Basra, Iraq.  How audacious, is that.   The building and the locale both of which defy gravity in so many literal and figurative ways.  It is designed by British-Iraqi architecture firm AMBS.  The firm wants to create a 'virtual city.'

Here is an illustration of the proposed design:

The actual height of Kingdom Tower seems to be a moving target.  But the illustration below projects the three tallest buildings in the world, assuming Kingdom Tower (under construction) and this, "The Bride of the Gulf" are completed.

Illustrations and article: