Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mexican FOOD Memories

I'm in my mid-fifties.   I know there are people that are older and compared to them I am relatively old/young.

I have had a good life.  Bad times, sure.  But I have experience the world in ways that a stupid "faggot" from Texas would have conceived.  I graduated high school in 1980.  I did a whole lots of drugs, most of which I had no business doing at my young age.

I moved to California in 1985 when I was employed as a flight attendant.  I was wide-eye and bushy-tailed.  And dumb.

My life really began, in part, when I left Texas.  I moved to LA.  In the intervening years I've been a Southern California nomad, but for the most part I've lived in the Palm Desert (Palm Springs area).  In all of those years I was lucky to have experienced so many amazing and wonderful things in the world.

I lived a life without restraint.  The more money I made the more I spent.   I've owned and sold homes.  I've worked very hard in the healthcare industry but left it in 2007 to pursue my "dream".   There must be one person on the world that started that concept.  I hope they suffer great pain.

Since 2009 fall of the economy every single thing that I was taught in school or programmed afterwards as an adult was a sham.  The world is a lie.

I know a few things though.  Here's the upside to this blog.  I have been exposed to:

  • Good food throughout life.  I love food
  • I've traveled and enjoyed some of the finest of hotels around the world
  • I have always loved music and I have in past years been in the fortunate position to learn and love all types of music, both in concert, on the stage, and recordings
  • I've met many interesting, sometimes strange, people.   Some were celebrities or heroes.  Some were the opposite.
I have a very short bucket list left.  My first, is much like everything in life, no longer exists.   My second still exists but it would require me to go back to Lubbock TX to eat:

  • Cheese enchiladas with rice and beans and sopapillas with butter honey.  As I grew up we went Red River/Taos frequently to snow ski.  There was the BEST mexican food restaurant on the square of downtown Taos.  This would have been in the 1970's.  Does anyone know what it was named?  I know that it is no longer there now. I found a restaurant here in the Palm Springs area that served this dish exactly the way I remembered it.  It was open for many years (El Gallitto) but it closed last year.    All things good must seemingly come to an end.  Why can't my life.

  • Anything from Taco Villa in West Texas.  I would be so afraid that if I went there, the food would have changed.  That's what happens when you get old.

Do you have good memories of moments that you'd like to live once again?  Can you give me update about both of these favorites. I have learned over the many years, that nothing stays the it once was..either it doesn't taste the way it did.. or it doesn't exist.

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