Friday, September 29, 2017

What a GREAT Home Design in JOSHUA TREE

According to the article, this is a proposed home that has been commissioned by a producer.  Designed by British architect James Whitaker, it is comprised of shipping containers that have been assembled in a modern, provocative and original design.  The house will be built in Joshua Tree, CA which is a neighbor of mine in the Palm Springs area of southern California.  Palm Springs is known for its mid-century modern architectural wonders.  Joshua Tree and other hi-Desert homes have created many ultra-modern homes (this area isn't that populated) that, in my opinion, are the perfect setting for these cutting edge designs.

I have admired of the last few years many examples of beautiful homes that use shipping containers.  This one is the best and I think that it is because of its location in such strange, other-worldly landscape.  It would be just as appealable in an urban environment and I've seen examples.  These designs aren't quite as cutting edge.

I love unique architectural designs.  I live in a region where architecture is an important part of its history and culture.  I'm fortunate.

Check out the article about this house at:


  1. This looks pretty interesting! Although, I think it would look better on top of my apartment building!

  2. That is an interesting observation. Do you live in tower in a city?

  3. I live on the 2nd floor of a 7 floor building. Not much light since the surrounding buildings are 15 to 30 floors high. So I like the sense of light and space. Also, all the buildings around me have dull, flat tops and this would liven things up.

  4. This is certainly a very unique use of shipping containers!