Thursday, July 6, 2017

My nominee for the SEXIEST MAN.

I am utterly charmed by Luis Ortiz, who previously appeared full-time on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing of New York.   

He currently appears occasionally however in past years he was one of the principal cast members of the show.

I love this man.  He looks so beautiful.  He is always so perfectly groomed (as are Ryan and Fredrik). But he exudes so much enthusiasm and earnestness, which is my favorite quality in people.  He always appears immaculate.  And he always has a gleam in his eye and his smile breaks your heart.

Tonight, he revisited the show and announced that he was going to move to Paris.  Ryan and Fredrik were critical.  But Luis' passion and enthusiasm made them look like old, warty, crone, witches.  I think they were envious.

I'm not much of a fan for Bravo's programming these days.  The housewives and other brands are so tiresome.  Please make them go away, along with the Kardashians.  I still watch the show Below Deck and Million Dollar Listing of New York.  Occasionally, I'll watch Watch What Happens Live if it doesn't feature all of the housewives.  Andy and most of his show is truly boring and most of his programming is now overdone, redundant and hackneyed.

Luis Ortiz is the biggest star discovered on Bravo.  I wish him much success.  I wish Andy would give Luis his on reality show.  He has the star power and charisma more than anyone on the Bravo network.

I just finished watching the New York Housewives.  With a couple exceptions, these people are truly lunatic.  I find everything about them utterly repugnant.  But Andy Cohen always is gleeful with these people's before.  On his show tonight, he was orgasmic watching one of the drag queen bartenders open her legs whilst laying down in front of Andy and his guest.  Mr. Cohen seems to think he has discovered something unknown.  Been there with the drag queen in 1982.  He delights with glee at how low he can go portraying humans in the lowest form (drag queens excluded but the gyrations were not as shocking as Andy thinks).  Go away Andy.  Or find a new act.  I think you are in some ways responsible for the collapse of the US culture and the election of trump.  Andy seems to always find it all so originally and hysterically funny.  Sorry, dude.  Your not original.  And your rehashing programming for decades is really pathetic.  When I first watched you years ago, I was enthralled.  But you have long gone past your stale date.


  1. Luis Ortiz certainly does look sexy. Unfortunately, I don't watch much on Bravo. As for Andy Cohen, on talk shows he seems personable and funny enough, but the couple of times I've seen him on his show he just gushes too much with his guests for my taste. So, I go Cohenless.

  2. Agree completely with your comment. Thanks for visiting. Mark