Friday, April 19, 2013

A SWEET baby elephant is SAVED

I LOVE elephants.  This article is the best medicine from my last blog post. It is from DailyMail online.  To read more, click here.

Excerpt from the article:
"A baby elephant who was almost hacked to death by ivory poachers is walking again thanks to an ingenious new boot and lots of TLC.  The 17-month-old calf called Suni was found in Zambia almost a year ago dragging herself along by her front legs, weak and dehydrated, after suffering severe axe wounds."
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This gruesome story is happening in the few locations on the planet where elephants still live.  According to DailyMail Online, this and other violence to elephants continues, because:

"Elephant poaching across Africa is now at its highest level for more than 20 years, which campaigners say is due to increased demand for ivory from newly affluent Chinese consumers."

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So basically we are wiping out the entire population of pachyderms that still exists on our planet (approximately 200,000 to 300,000), with great brutality I might add, simply to provide another trophy in the hobby/collection for/of a rich person.   I quote DailyMail article:

'The sale of any ivory - legal or not - is creating demand. No one needs ivory. It is a beautiful substance, but the only ones who need it are elephants'

 Cynthia Moss of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project in Kenya

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There are so many organizations that you can support to eliminate the descimation of this noble species by our pathetic, ignoble species.  Please support them in any way you can.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

R.I.P. to my beloved dog "Chips"

My life will never be the same without you, buddy.  I will never forget you.  Yesterday marks an end of my life in so many ways, now that I am without you, sweet pea.

Friday, April 12, 2013


A new musical inspired by the work of Jeff Buckley will open in San Diego at the Old Globe Theater and may end up on Broadway.
The Last Goodbye sets Buckley's haunting music to the script of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Read more of this story at the Telegraph or The Hollywood Reporter.
See another blog entry from this site about Buckley, who is one of my favorite singers ever.

I LOVE Elephants

A protective elephant charges at a pack of hyenas to protect its injured calf

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These amazing pictures were captured by American photographer Jayesh Mehta, 47, in the Savuti region of the Chobe National Park in Botswana

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm totally TEAM JUAN MARTINEZ in the TRAVIS ALEXANDER murder case

I cannot listen one more second to the alleged defense expert, Alyce LaViolette.  I would hope that a true "expert" (as in a PhD or MD, please) with more than a master's degree would analyze the psychological behavior and brutal murder of this man.  The "big picture" as Ms. LaViolette keeps referring to that she professionally focuses on and has captured......only one perspective.  The Jodie Arias perception.  Her professional analysis has been based simply upon this defense witness's visits in jail for 44 hours.  She also read the voluminous amount of written and other material between Mr. Alexander and Ms. Arias.  She didn't, because of her own rules, interview anyone to investigate that Mr. Alexander wrote.  She has based her narrow professional decision on two things:   the verbal story according to the murderer, Jodie Arias, and the written/audio evidence in the case.  She is not even aware of some of the things that we have all watched in testimony by other witnesses.  I am angry that she was paid for this charade.

Juan Martinez (see photo above), the prosecuting attorney in Arizona, is a shining example of someone who takes their job seriously and devotedly, but not necessarily personally (unlike the supposed defense experts).   And given his job, in this case, someone with balls to try this crazy admitted-murdering monster, deserves an hourly rate far beyond this defense expert witnesses.  I think all of the hours that both of the last "expert defense witnesses" should be retrieved from them and given to Mr. Martinez and the defense attorney's.  

If you are unfamiliar with this case which has gone on now for 45 days and been televised 24/7 by HLN (with commentary and followup) it is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. If you don't know about this case, then you can start at the links below.  I'd then suggest that you go to youtube and watch all of the live footage of the trial from the last forty-five days.   Here are some suggested links:

wikinpedia's listing about this case

Travis Alexander's obituary

Most current release of crime scene photos (warning:  very graphic)Jodi Arias Signed Manifesto 'In Case She Became Famous', Prosecutor Says

Jodi Arias Signed Manifesto 'In Case She Became Famous', Prosecutor Says

I am not a proponent for capital punishment.

Since the defendant in this case admitted (after several years of lying) that she killed Mr. Alexander, the victim who Mr. Martinez is valiantly representing, this isn't really much of a who-done-it trial.   I just hope that this jury doesn't have some sympathy toward this woman who stabbed her boyfriend, Mr. Alexander, 29 times, almost cut off his head and then shot him in the head.  That is a savageness and rage that indicates that the defendant has extreme psychological problems.  The fact that she has told so many lies is yet again another indication of her very savage, psychotic nature.   And now, she has allowed her defense to paint Mr. Alexander as the monster.  It seems to add insult to inure, pardon the very bad pun (albeit relevant).

I have been riveted with this entire trial, I am embarrassed to say.  I think, as fierce as he's been, the case prosecute Juan Martinez, has shown what excellence and commitment to performing one's job the best you can, is really admirable and I am inspired.

If the defense's "experts" had equal amount of conviction and
gravitas, then maybe you could buy into their expertise (which they are earning at $200-$300 an hour).

But back to capital my opinion, if anyone deserved a death sentence, it is this person who killed Travis Alexander.  Unfortunately, I can't logically find a comfortable place where a society/civilization says ending another person's life against their wishes is the worst criminal act and therefore punishable in a other death.   We must evolve as a species to a more sophisticated, educated place.  If we can't, we'll still be having wars in the middle east and Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc fighting each other 2000 years from now.  It's pathetic now.  But how much more pathetic would it be then?

As much as I think that Travis Alexander's confessed-killer, the self-defendant in this case, should have her head chopped off.  And yet, I hope that doesn't happen.

Give her a life sentence.   IF that jury lets her off with anything less than that punishment, considering the brutality of Mr. Alexander's murder and what we now know about how deranged the defendant is, then it will truly be a travesty of justice.   But more than that, it will be one more example of how we simply can't move beyond our barbarian ancestry.

I feel horrible for Travis Alexander's family who have bravely been at this trail daily, watching him portrayed as a monster by the monster who hacked him up.

The only monster is the defendant.  Not only did she hideously, barbarically murder their loved one but she continues to do so metaphorically in the courtroom.   All so that she doesn't receive the death sentence?  That seems like further evidence of her psychopathy/sociapathy.   It is admirable that Mr. Alexander's family continue to be in the court daily despite this salacious and slanderous trail.  His family really have now been twice assaulted by this insane woman.

Rest in peace, Travis Alexander.    And I hope his family will in ten years not have to suffer this nightmare that is going on day by day.

And to the admitted killer who is on trial.  I don't know what happened to you in your life that brought you to this psychopathy and consequence.   Do you?


Monday, April 8, 2013

CURIOUS and revolutionary new DESIGN for ORIGAMI CONDOMS

This is quite beautiful to look at.   At first glance one thinks its a device to pleasure oneself sexually, i.e. vibrator/dildo.   It is neither:  it's a revolutionary new design for a male condom.  And, it's designed to enhance pleasure and to facilitate user ease.

I'm intrigued by its design and use/performance/mechanics possibilities.  Maybe it will improve the experience for user and receiver?     It's very accordion.   I mean, Freudian.  No, I mean accordion.......That just sparks all sorts of thoughts.

It really is a beautiful product design.  In both its approach to form and function.  And it is a complete reinvention of one of the most commonplace of human tools.  Apparently, it is Origami-inspired.   Read more at Huntington-Post article, click here.   I very much enjoyed hearing the experiences of Danny Resnic, creator and co-owner of Origami Condoms.

Hallelujah!  Mankind takes another small step forward in the midst of a thousands of evolutionary steps backward.  But this website is here to focus on the "half-full" perception of life.   Well, I guess this wasn't the best example if you're a Catholic (and I'm not) for half full of life.  But one could equally argue that it is the most inspirational and interesting of current product designs, condoms or not.    And if you aren't in support of birth control or abortion, then I suggest, politely, this isn't the right blogsite for you.  Not disprespectin' your beliefs, in any way.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I'LL EAT YOU LAST: New Play on Broadway with DIVINE MISS M

Photo by Ellen von Unwerth from
Bette Midler begins previews Broadway tonight on for new Broadway play, I'll Eat You Last:  A Chat With Sue Mengers, the iconic Hollywood agent from the seventies and eighties.

The play is written by Tony winner John Logan and directed by Tony winner Joe Mantello with an official opening expected for April 24.

This interesting play and casting of one of the world's most prima diva splaying the character of one of Hollywood's ultimate divas and biggest power brokers.   Ms. Menger's was the first female agent in Hollywood.  Not only that, was she a Hollywood pioneer would wielded a great deal of power for a great deal of time (almost a miracle in that industry).

Somehow I think Miss M, who has always been one of my favorite performers (with her first album shown to the left), also has the empath as well as SYMPATH, to perhaps make the character more than one-dimensional.  They certainly burned with their own luminosity in their own distinct ways.  Do you think this is what drew Miss M to the role?

If anyone sees this, please let me know what you think.

photo via
Here's a photograph of Sue Mengers  in her hey-day.

Since many of you may not be aware of both these talented ladies, here's more information to learn from.  Ms. Midler.  Ms. Mengers has passed to the better side in 2011.  Read the Vanity Fair article by Graydon Carter in October 2011, Remembering Sue Mengers:  Everyone Came to Sue's

Visit Bette Midler's website at

But better than than all of that, go see the fucking play and tell us about it.  For more information:

I'll Eat You Last: A New Play by Hollywood's most outrageous superagent, Sue Mengers.

Despite the success or lack thereof of this endeavor, a learned person should be aware of these two goddesses.