Saturday, June 21, 2014

BEST cookies in the world: American Airlines' Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
I just returned from a two week sojourn around the country to visit friends and family (Indianapolis, Chicago, Asheville/Hendersonville NC, Briston/Salem WV, Washington DC).   I live in Palm Desert (Palm Springs area of California) and I upgraded to first class for the outbound and return flights from Palm Springs (PSP-DFW, DFW-IND, IAD-DFW, DFW-PSP).  For most of the segments of my trip I flew my preferred domestic airline, American Airlines. *

American has a very nice first class service for a two and half hour flight.  The hot nuts are amazing.  The entrees are creative and very good.   They used to serve freshly baked chocolate chip cookies but now they offer a choice.  On two of my flights they offered a hot, freshly baked oatmeal, cranberry cookie that is truly the best cookie I've ever eaten.  It tastes a bit like a pop tart (which is a fond memory of my youth).  I was moaning and raving over the cookies and twice the flight attendants gave me an extra.

These cookies are heaven.  I am going to contact American Airline to see if I can get the recipe.  If I can I will post it here.  Until then, does anyone out there already have it?

Kudos to the American first class flight attendants that worked my flights.  With the exception of the last flight from DFW to PSP, every one of them were impeccable professionals who clearly took a great deal of personal pride in providing excellent customer and first class service.  I think they were all flight more senior flight attendants.  The last one was obviously new.  She could use some retraining on the first service protocols.

I'm an ex-Stewardess (30 years ago I flew for Western Airlines and then Delta, upon the purchase and merger of the two airlines by Delta).  I truly appreciate the demands and nuances of the job.  I was most appreciative of the excellent service, topped off with those phenomenal cookies (and the aroma as they were baking in the ovens).

*For one short leg, from Chicago Midway to Greenville SC I flew "Southworst" Airlines (as I call it).  It was wretched in every way.  I haven't flown Southwest in years and unfortunately it hasn't improved a bit.  You see the worst of human behavior on this airline.  I think they advocate the decline and fall of the United States (along with Wal-Mart).

Saturday, June 7, 2014

LUCKY THEM! This was a bit of serendipity for anyone who has the pleasure of watching

We watched a film last night, LUCKY THEM, ON DEMAND, via Time Warner.  I believe it is also available out in theaters (It is an IFC Film, so may be in limited run).

I am huge fan of of it's star, Toni Collette.   She co-stars with the equally brilliant, Thomas Haden Church.   Collette's character ("Ellie Klug") is a rock journalist (ala Almost Famous) who assists Church's "Charlie," who is producing a documentary of an iconic, cultish but dead rock legend--I thought when listening to the music and singing of the subject of the documentary as a reference to the brilliant Jeff Buckley.   I'm not sure if that was the film's intent.  But it was evocative.

The movie also stars Oliver Platt and Ryan Eggold (a delicious looking man who plays an up and coming singer/musican, "Lucas Stone."  It also includes a brief yet powerful, poignant and uncredited appearance by Johnny Depp (perfectly cast) at the end of the movie.

The biggest surprise was that the film was executive produce by Joanne Woodward and the movie is dedicated to her deceased husband, Paul Newman.

This is a wonderful film.   Great actors.  Excellent direction by Megan Griffiths.

I have enjoyed a small handful of wide-released and independent films this year to date.    A couple were memorable.  But this kept me awake on my sofa.  It proves that Toni Collette and Thomas Haden Church are two of the best actors of the generation.  It was also a film that I enjoyed from start to finish, which I find is harder and harder to do each month anymore.

I highly recommend this film.   It was a well-crafted film with some great performances by some of the best actors around.