Friday, July 12, 2013

Zach Braff is an adorable, charming DOLL FACE

Zach contributed to a wedding video proposal for a couple in the UK.   Zach is utterly charming.   And so is the video.  I couldn't see the groom very well, but based upon his amazing proposal artwork on camera, I'd marry him in a second (as well as Braff).

Check out this charming video where "Scrubs" actor (and hottie) proposes to the this dude's wife.  I found it on Huntington-Post in an article titled:  "Matt Hulbert Gets 'Scrubs' Star To Help Him Pop The Question".

Hulbert also enlists family and friends to contribute their vote for a "Yes" answer the proposal in video and then compiles it all into the most beautiful and clever representation of love...without being disgusting.  Although, it might be self-serving.   Hulbert's career as a "graphic designer" into a larger trajectory as a result of this.

There are so MANY vignettes in this short video.  Somehow, it's Braff's star power and charm, though, that truly sets the tone.

Personally, I found the two dudes, one who worked for EasyJet Airlines, filmed several "responses" in glorious European cities.

This is really a wonderful show of love.  And evidence of many talented people.

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