Thursday, July 25, 2013

China is really KNOCKING out some STUNNING architecture these DAYS

New Sheraton hotel in Huzhou (near Shanghai) China.   This stunning simple design, which reflects the new non-linear, geometric structures that I love in today's contemporary architecture (Gehry, Hadid, etc).

This is elegant.  It is beautiful.  It is proportional.
The 27-story Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort offers 321 spacious guest rooms, including 44 suites and 39 villas(1) on Lake Taihu.   

This stunning design features a horizontal exterior facade that accentuates the horseshoe shape and makes for a stunning piece of sculpture when lit at night or reflected in the lake's waters below.  

The hotel is designed by Beijing-born architect Ma Yanson, MAD Architects. (3)  What an astonishing portfolio of incredible designs and completed structures.   Visit their website for more (MAD Architects).

The interior design in the interior public spaces seems a bit outré?   Very opulent.   But maybe a bit too Vegas-ish.   Or to be kinder, Dubai-ish.

However hotel rooms are quite lovely. 
All rooms have a balcony.  Note the exterior facade.
A suite with balcony which shows the exterior facade.  Note circular design of the room
This is really a beautiful new building.  

The exterior public spaces reflect the beauty of the building, as shown. 

According to Daily News Huzhou is:  "Known as 'The City of Silk', the ancient metropolis is situated on the southern shores of Lake Taihu in the northern part of Zheijang Province. It is hailed as the birthplace of the Far East's famous tea culture." (2) 

The charm of the local city--Huzhou's Water Village.
A beautiful sunset on Lake Taihu

(1)  Read more: 
(2)  Read more: 
(3)  Credits and Info:
Architect: MAD Architect Co., Ltd.,
Associate Engineers: Shanghai SianDai Architecture Design (Group) Co., Ltd.,
Structural Engineer: China Majesty Steel Structural Design Co., Ltd.,
Façade/Cladding Consultants: Zhejiang Zhongnan Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., Shanghai Timalco Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd.,
Landscape Architect: EDSA – Landscape Design

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