Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TEAM Trayvon Martin/Rachel Jeantel. And shame on the "cracker" goat-like defense attorney Don West

"Dignity and grace" had she.   That is Rachel Jeantel.  I'm watching Piers Morgan on CNN.  I watched every moment of her astonishing testimony.  I was in awe with her ability to stand up to that arrogant, condescending, repugnant defense attorney Don West.  He made me truly embarrassed to be caucasian.  His behavior represents every stereotype about bigoted white, straight men.

She was a star on Piers Morgan tonight.  She is the smartest fucking person involved in the whole Trayvon Martin distaster.

That goatish, asshole, defense attorney Done West, should apologize publicly to Ms. Jeantel.  He is a shame to his race.

The ice cream photo he posted online was worse than the bad joke on the opening.  It illustrates "cracka-dom" at it's worst.

 I am white.  But I hope all of you bigoted white people start to change their arrogant perception which is about "stupidity."  Like the six non-black ladies who voted George Zimmerman "not guilty".  Their hatred, and Don West's, against non-white people is coming to an end.  White people like me who do not agree with you are fed up.   Our system is fucked.   And your days of abusing our system like this are I hope soon over.

As Rachel said to all you white racists out there:  "your old school....my generation" is different.  Rachel....you're brilliant.

To the Martin family, my sincerest condolences.  Please sign the petition by the ACLU to call for investigation by the justice department.

To the Zimmerman's, I hope George suffers consequences for the rest of his life for having killed that boy.  That's the way the world works in the white "cracka" world.

One upbeat note, Tom Joyner has offered to give this brilliant woman a college degree scholarship http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/16/rachel-jeantel-scholarship_n_3606038.html.  Rachel wins and the old goat stinks to high heavens.   "Preciousness" triumphs over "goatish-ness".   Beauty triumphs over ugliness.   Rachel Jeantel, you are my hero.

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