Monday, July 20, 2009

A funny true story about Dik Diks:)

Recently we went to Seattle for my partner Steve's niece's wedding (I posted on this early on in this blog).

We've watched these kids grow up from little rugrats and although we've been somewhat distant "uncles" we've been certainly devoted to the "poohbears," as I used to call them. The kids, John, Beth, Jessica and Chris range in age of I think from late 20's to Chris who is 22. Early on we would spend vacations with them in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia or they would come down and visit us in the desert.

On one of their first visits to Palm Desert we took them all to The Living Desert which is probably one of the BEST and coolest things in the Palm Springs area. It's a combination of a zoo, a botanical garden, a nature's just really this amazing place that is ultimately dedicated to educating visitors about the amazing ecosystem called a "Desert".

Anyway, when we were in Seattle for the Beth's wedding on our first night we went to see Pam (Steve's sister) and Rob (Pam's husband) and the kids, Beth, Jessie and Chris. It was the night before the wedding rehearsal and it was just really special being with these wonderful people that we have loved for so long. The kids have become these amazing, interesting and vibrant adults and we are just discovering them and their uniqueness.

We were laughing and talking about old times and in particular the kids were talking about their Uncle Steve and Beth brought up a memory that had never left her. She remembered going to the Living Desert when she was kid and seeing "Dik-Dik's". Stop it right there! There really is an animal called a dik dik. It's an antelope named for the sound it makes when alarmed and lives in the bush of East Africa, Angola and Namibia.

The Living Desert has all of the wonderful Desert-esque animals like zebra, lions, elephants, rhinos, etc. It also has the cutest little meerkats.

But back to the story. Beth talked about the memory of the dik dik's and Uncle Steve. She remembered Uncle Steve turned to the kids and said, where's the "vag vag"? (as in another sex's anatomical parts). It makes me laugh all over again. All of those years that memory has stuck with Beth and there we were on the eve of her wedding talking about it.

Steve blushed and think was horrified and didn't remember. But it was such a perfect moment. Perfectly funny and perfectly wonderful at the same time. Interesting all of those years later, at such a wonderful milestone event in Beth's life to have a funny story to share.

It was and is very funny. I hope it brings a laugh to your day. Here's a dik dik. Wonder what a vag vag would look like?


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