Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TENDERNESS--Really interesting photographer--gorgeous photo

What a glorious picture this is (remember you can click on any photo to enlarge).

I stumbled upon this really interesting photograph collection on flickr by this dude "frenchmeh". His "miscellaneous" set is really wonderful: please check it out:

frenchmeh. The blue cotton candy initially attracted me to the photos.




  1. Dear Mr G,

    I have only just discovered your charming blog but I have one little complaint. I have tried to order the set of three pug dolls from your other site but I can't seem to get anyones attention. Have you closed down or should I try again?

    A Fan in Virginia

  2. Fan....no we definitely have not closed down. And we just sold a set of the pug dolls to someone in Germany a couple of weeks ago? Are you placing the order via www.jmvintage.com. Please try again or if you'd like to email me I can call you?

    And by the way, thanks for reading the blog. It's really an experiment but I'm having fun doing it. Do you blog?


  3. Betty.......my email address is mgaulding@earthlink.net

  4. Dear Mr G,

    Thanks so much for your help with my order.
    I'm afraid I'm rather a non joiner, too much of a recluse but I will check out the ddow site. I happen to live in Warrenton where the lady stayed while waiting out her first divorce. Some of the older residents still have stories to tell about her escapades.

    I don't have a blog, though I love to write and to take pictures. Doubt I would have enough to interest anyone but myself--but then perhaps that would be reason enogh--a diary of sorts-- In the mean time I am enjoying yours.