Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MELODY DAY--short film using Tet Four Remix of the song by Caribou: Who is Tet Four and what's a remix?

Well that title oughta catch your attention. Actually, I have to admit that I'm kind of old. A sign of my antiquity is that I sort of knew but couldn't have explained what a "remix" is. This song caught my attention when it was played on KCRW (another obsession for another blog post...but this is the most important radio institution in the universe) a few months ago. When I went later to the playlist and saw that it was the Tet Four Remix, I really was kind of clueless. I just knew that I loved the beautiful song that I heard. Turns out there is a wonderful sweet short film that goes with Tet Four's remix. Doesn't that cute bloke seem awfully sad? Watch:

After doing a little surf/sleuthing I stumbled upon the original song as released by the band Caribou. There is a world of difference no doubt. While I liked the song, I LOVED the Tet Four remix which in my opinion transcended a very special and inspired song from just an interesting one. So, our lesson for the day was: what is a remix and wow sometimes remixes can be better than the original. I'm sure all the youngsters must know this.

Here's the original if you want to compare. I think you'll agree that whoever that Tet Four dude is, his version was inspired.

That concludes today's lesson for us old folks and hopefully we turned some young folks on to a great remix. At least, we all know what remix means now!

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