Wednesday, June 24, 2009

747 HOTEL--that's my kind of hotel--how original and how beautiful

I have always been fascinated with airlines and airliners. When I was a kid I collected airline timetables from around the world. Go figure?

The 747 was launched in late 60s which was about the same time that I became an airline timetable addict. I was maybe 9 or 10. But the 747 captured my heart and imagination. It still makes my heart flutter and I breathe a wistful sigh whenever I see a photo or when I actually see the real thing. Such a graceful stately bird!

But can you imagine this. In Stockholm, an old 747 has been converted to a hotel! Isn't that an original thought (have you heard about those restaurants in NY and LA and I think in London where you eat in a bed.....that is my kind of living. I'll have to research and blog on that one day). So here it is. It'd be nice to see Stockholm, yeah, but this would be the real reason I'd be going. I might not even leave my room. Just order room service and stay holed up in my hotel room for the duration (which is my idea of the ultimate in comfort).

Check it out:

This must be the penthouse suite......I don't think so. Can I see another room, please?
Oh Stewardess, I'll have some tea, please.

Perfect.......even have a plasma tv.

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