Saturday, June 20, 2009

ME Want #1--GULFSTREAM 650 private jet--an object of my obsession

I' ve always wanted to have a private jet. I'd even just like to actually take a trip on a private jet. Now, I'm not talking about one of those weenie Learjet things. I'm talking about a JET.

My father was a private pilot and I grew up flying in private planes. The largest plane we had was a Queen Air which had a galley and small lavatory. It was quite fun! I suppose that it was those experiences which later attracted me to this current era of private jets.

The private jet I most want is a Gulfstream (I know friends out there may have different preferences). The newest Gulfstream will be the 650 so that is the one I want!

The Gulfstream appeal to me aesthetically, I guess.....more so than others. Gulfstreams are the jets that movie stars own (Tom Cruise, Schvarzenaaaaager, John Travolta). They are to me the most beautiful and elegant of the private jets. See:

I love the Gulfstream's large oval windows. And as we'll see in the video below, the high ceilings.

This post is sort of a mini-documentary about the beauty and elegance of something I've never personally experienced: a private jet. I've yet to fly on one of these.....but we can still dream can't we:) And what a schweeeeeet dream this is. Come on with me through the various short videos and photos to follow and we'll enter a world of enchantment. Once you're finished you'll have a lovely fresh bright new day ahead!

So, first, check out this tall dude as he shows us inside my dream private jet, the upcoming Gulfstream 650:

Pretty damn plush, no?

Okay, so since I've never flown on one of these things (believe me a Queen Air is cute but it is not a JET), and since you've "prolly" (as daninokc says) never flown on one of these things let's take a trip to the world of private jets. This first video is fun....and with the champagne and cute dudes we'll get a little buzz on. This plane is a pretty decent Dussault jet (not a weenie one) I think. I especially love an Australian accent. This video indulges me on several'll see why):

Okay, so now that we've completely entered a sublime, who-cares-about-reality reality, at least for the moment, let's completely dream LARGE. Now here is a JET.

That was an Airbus Business Jet which is roughly the size of a Boeing 737 (Boeing also makes a 737 Business Jet). This is the way I'd love to live! Here's the Boeing 737 Business Jet and a real slice o' life look at a family flying on it. Couldn't they have a maid to run around after the children and pick up? And where is the Air Hostess? I realize that the screaming kids may ruin the serenity of our journey on private jets so I've disabled the sound so you can watch it peacefully:)

So who exactly can afford a jet like this? Well let's take a look at one example.......the pretty cute dude Russian Roman Abramovich. He's got a Boeing 767.

The thing about this fella is that he's in his early 40's, he's handsome and he's got billions. It wouldn't suck to be him, now would it? (I won't say anything else:)) He also has a lot of ME Wants :)

Here he is jumping off the back of his private Yacht (another toy that I have a yen for).

But, guess what?? This guy is into living LARGE. I mean LARGE. First of all, he is the owner of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor's former home Chateau de la Croe in Cap D'Antibes (which would be my ultimate ME Want....well, that and Le Moulin de la Tuilerie).

He just ordered a new private jet and get this: it's the LARGE Airbus A380.

Here's what the inside of this beauty will look like....since I've completely suspended all sense of reality :)

This beautiful work of art of an aircraft cost that dude £300million. This thing has three-floors and an elevator that takes you down to the landing tarmac. Absolutely ingenious, if you ask my opinion. That little airplane engineer was inspired.

Now this would be a great place to wake up in the morning, no?

I think its time for us to start our descent back into the real world. We'll make our landing with this fun video of a trip to Monaco on a sort of weenie Cessna Citation (methinks?). Cute dudes again and more champagne...that should make for a less bumpy landing at the end of this blog post.

I don't know that I'll ever own a private jet but it sure is fun thinking about it. I'm not sure that I'll ever even have an opportunity to fly on a private jet but hell I'd do it as an "Air Hostess" if that was my only option!

Welcome to your final destination, back to your life. I hope after our lovely journey through the perfect world of private jets that you'll have a very peaceful, soothing and beautiful day!


  1. Now these are way cool.

    Mark: See you canteach an old dog new tricks.

  2. Is there a way I can forward a specific part of your blog? ie: Just the pictures of the private Airbus 380?

  3. I am SO proud of you Rene. I wrote this blog initially just for you but I got so into it and it became such joy.

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