Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring is THERE (and here I guess)

Photo from my friend, PC, who prefers to remain Anonymous.   He/She is a wonderful 
designer/artist/film maker/photographer as evidenced in the above.
My friend sent this photo of the glorious advent of the Spring season in the southeast.  

Here, in the Desert of southern California, we're just going through another shade of hell (Wed. it will be 100degrees).  I mean summer.   Unlike the rest of the country, we suffered a hot winter. That is not necessarily a good thing. For me it is sad this wretched unabated heat.  This photo of Spring makes me happy.

It reminds reminds of the great song:  "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Is Gone."  One of the most amazing cover songs EVER, IMO.   It was done by Holly Cole (Holly Cole Trio).

You must listen.  I hope that I am listening to this song upon my death.

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