Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dark Choloocate, Pistschio and Sugar Salt Cookies

Two or three weeks ago I posted a blog with almost amazing cookie recipes.  The amazing cookies shown were all alluring.  To see the original post, click here (March 28, 2014).

In my blog I suggested that I might may try to make them all, as an homage to Julie/Julia   Yesterday I tried this one:

Wee ended up with 24-300 cookes.   They were a perfection bland of dark chox, pistachio, and saltiness.    Our cookie batch did spread out as much as the photo above.    The 8 cookies seemed to crumble--so we added a couple butter.  That seemed help.  But maybe because we live in Palm  Springs the crecipe need moirstoir?

I found this receipt The Huntington-Post and used the hyper link which took me to Two Peas and their Pod

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