Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Animals make the perfect humans (quotes from Rita Mae Brown) CNN article today

Wonderful article today on CNN by Rita Mae Brown about her thoughts about animals (vs humans). Here are just a few of her wonderful bon mots:

  • Humans routinely breed past the food supply. Most animals are too smart to do this.
  • Animals cannot damage the water table. Humans are doing this all over the world even as you read this.

  • No animal is ever a hypocrite.

  • A cat doesn't care if another cat is black or white, so along as she catches mice.

  • You can also trust your cat concerning most of the above examples as long as you realize: Dogs have owners; cats have staff.

  • An animal knows when she is dying. However, she does not carry around the notion of her individual death. This, I believe, is the true gap between us and other sentient creatures. It is the root of our discontent, denial and search for escape.

  • Animals remember. They have some concept of the simple past, but they live triumphantly in the present. Few of us do.

  • Most animals have a sense of humor. Horses seem to have a highly developed one. Humans routinely deny this until they find themselves the butt of the joke.

These are just a few wise observations in the article. Read the rest at: http://www.cnn.com/2009/OPINION/11/02/animals.rita.brown/index.html.

CNN Editors Note: Rita Mae Brown is a novelist, a gay rights and feminist pioneer, a writer of two mystery series and an animal lover. She is an avid horse rider and lives on a farm in Virginia with cats, house dogs and a pack of fox hounds. Her latest book is "Animal Magnetism: My Life with Creatures Great and Small."

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