Sunday, June 3, 2018

I LOVE this architectural conversion from an electrical substation to a BEAUTIFUL Mansion and compound in Chicago.

"OMG, I Want That House: Chicago, Illinois," Allison McNearney, The Daily Beast, June 2, 1918.  This conversion of an old electrical substation in Lincoln Park to a repurposed mansion in Chicago is exquisite (Click on it to enlarge and enjoy it all the more).  Architecture and design by Liederbach and Graham (

It is a large compound, which has been beautifully tended to by a landscaper architect.

The eclectic use of mixed colors/patterns in the interior design isn't exactly my style.  But the paean to it's industrial roots are charming to me. I would love living in the "mansion" just the way it is.

I love the amazing shower with a balcony! 

I love this imaginative home.  It used to be an electrical substation.  And now, it is truly a beautiful example of design and the way ahead (without  Trump) for our species.  All photos are from

This architectural curiosity is so reminiscent of another home that was featured earlier on this blog (which no one reads).  A Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill, converted a former cement factory into a Medieval castle.  No one seems to give a shit that I write here.  But if you want to see the blog about the Spanish castle click here:  This is a modern architectural RENOVATION wonder: former cement factory becomes a MEDIEVAL CASTLE in Spain

Or maybe not.  No in the world shares my interests. It has been that from moment I was born. I keep spending time trying trying this forum.  I don't benefit at all from this waste of time.

I do not spell or write very well anymore.  I was infected with HIV at the onset of the illness in the early 80's (unprotected sex and methamphetimine usage when I shared needles.  The first time I did meth intravenously, at 22ish, I felt more wonderful than I had ever felt.  I remember saying to my friend: "where has this been all my life.)  

None of us had any idea of the malevolent, evil change coming our way.  I was a deer in the headlight.  I have survived I don't know decades from my infection.  People have always hated me from the day I was born in Lubbock, Tx, until now.

I hope that someone will read this blog blog.  It is the only diary that I have.

I have always loved architecture.  When I was a lad I was obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright, Architecture, and Airlines.  I obsessed over these things.  They gave me dreams.

I'm done for the evening, if not forever.  I have spent so many years trying to learn this online forum. I'm just not that good at it like most of the recent technological developments.  It is truly for me to leave this.  I am so ready to leave this world.  But I love my sweet new rescue dog, (Bella).  She is wonderful. She was so skittish but the two of us have a soulmate relationship.  

Please check out the house profiled in this entry and the other one from the past that is similar.  Or check out any of my previous belongings.  

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