Monday, March 17, 2014

Well HELLO gorgeous: new building in SUZHOU, CHINA

A new gorgeous building, "Gate of the Orient", is under construction in Sozhou.   It's been criticized by some who say it looks like a pair of pants (As per the Daily Mail : "Architectural triumphs or just plain pants?:  China's latest superstructures resemble a giant pair of long johns… "( .

Others have praised it.

I fall into the later category.  I think it is elegant.  How about you?

The new skyscraper which will top out at 980 ft. (74 floors) is currently under construction in China.    Here's a photo of building under construction from 2012.   Architecture (and all photos) by RMJM an international.  RMJM's, an international architectural firm, work encompasses architecture, sustainable design, urban planning, and master planning .

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