Saturday, October 12, 2013

Film Actresses who SHOULD HAVE won an ACADEMY AWARD but haven't yet....

Okay, so I have a beef to pick with the film industry.  Why haven't these outstanding actors not yet won an academy award.   Each of them have been nominated multiple times and their film portfolios are remarkable.  Is it that there aren't enough scripts written for females?  I'm pissed.  Every single one of these women should win and Academy in the near future.

Thoughts?  Did leave someone off the list.   I considered Cameron Diaz but wasn't sure that she is in this league, yet.  Although I love her and her all of her work.

Michelle Pfeiffer (nominated for three Best Academy Actress awards)

Glenn Close (nominated for six Best Actress or Best Supporting Academy Actress awards.....she has won THREE Tony Awards for her stage work)

Laura Linney (nominated for three Best Actress or Supporting Academy Actress awards)

Julianne Moore (nominated for four Best Actress or Supporting Academy Actress awards)

Annette Bening ( nominated for four Best Actress or Support Academy awards)

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