Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ME Want! Okay, my name is Mark and I am addicted to shoes

I have never spoken about this personal trait before on the blog.   I'm just wild about shoes, although I'm very particular about what I like.

I recently joined pinterest and I'm finding all sorts of amazing ME WANTS!  Particularly men-fashion-wise.   But I don't really understand how Pinterest works.    When you find something you like you do not have any information about the product or how to buy.  Many of the images refer you to a blogger's page.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

Anyway, here's to men's shoes.   I would love a pair of these if I could find out the designer.  They are exquisite.

When I was in Rome, I visited the Ferragamo store, and saw a similar shoe.  I have always regretted not buying those shoes.   The old adage that you will always regret not buying beautiful things that you love.

Help with Pinterest and with using this to find out where to purchase the shoes.

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