Monday, April 8, 2013

CURIOUS and revolutionary new DESIGN for ORIGAMI CONDOMS

This is quite beautiful to look at.   At first glance one thinks its a device to pleasure oneself sexually, i.e. vibrator/dildo.   It is neither:  it's a revolutionary new design for a male condom.  And, it's designed to enhance pleasure and to facilitate user ease.

I'm intrigued by its design and use/performance/mechanics possibilities.  Maybe it will improve the experience for user and receiver?     It's very accordion.   I mean, Freudian.  No, I mean accordion.......That just sparks all sorts of thoughts.

It really is a beautiful product design.  In both its approach to form and function.  And it is a complete reinvention of one of the most commonplace of human tools.  Apparently, it is Origami-inspired.   Read more at Huntington-Post article, click here.   I very much enjoyed hearing the experiences of Danny Resnic, creator and co-owner of Origami Condoms.

Hallelujah!  Mankind takes another small step forward in the midst of a thousands of evolutionary steps backward.  But this website is here to focus on the "half-full" perception of life.   Well, I guess this wasn't the best example if you're a Catholic (and I'm not) for half full of life.  But one could equally argue that it is the most inspirational and interesting of current product designs, condoms or not.    And if you aren't in support of birth control or abortion, then I suggest, politely, this isn't the right blogsite for you.  Not disprespectin' your beliefs, in any way.

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  1. Too bad they're not on the market now, I'd like to try one.