Sunday, February 10, 2013

ME WANT: Gulfstream begins delivering outfitted G650 aircraft

Can't wait until mine arrives!  Ha!

This new beauty flies approximately 700 miles an hour and can travel a distance of 8,000 miles.  I want to be a stewardess on one of these.  Since I'll never have the $65 million to buy one.  This plane, according to the CNN article below, also has a separate crew galley, restroom and rest quarters.  Now that is civilized living for the help, no?  No Marie Antoinette's here.

I did a previous blog on this jet as well as other business/corporate jets.  Click Here: Previous blog entry on the G650 and other private jets.

Also check out an interesting (well someways it disgusts me) story at about one of the new G650 owners at

At the beginning of the article are a series of photos not to be missed showing private jets of some of the richer celebrities/individuals own (I guess routine millionaires can't really afford to operate a plane like this....they have to charter!  Do they feel like they are flying coach like the rest of us???)  Beyonce bought Jay-Z one as a father's day gift.  Ha!

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