Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ME WANT Largest Yacht in the World plans unveiled

My favorite Russian oligarch, hottie, billionaire Roman Abramovich must be salivating. Plans were unveiled recently for a new largest yacht in the world, by designer Berkeley March (isn't that the most "Upson Downs" name ever?) The proposed yacht would be 656 ft (200m) and could cost up to $1 billion (£650 million).

About the juxtaposition of such an extravagant toy in today's bleak economic environment March said:
"Some people may say the timing was a little bit daft. But I think that many people who previously would not have had the power to buy such a yacht, are thinking that now is their chance. The people left with a lot of money have more power now, as there is less demand."

According to March, the recession did not change rich people's beliefs that "size matters. Recession or not, it's still all about men's egos."

Abramovich currently has the biggest in the world: yacht that is (the "Eclipse"). Hopefully he'll add this to his collection of super yachts.

So should we criticize these billionaires and their penis envy competition? Does one really need multiple yachts, several private jets, multiple homes around the world? I wonder: would it be forgivable if these toys were equally matched with philanthropic donations and contributions?

I still would like to have one of these and a private jet. If I could have those then I would only want a flat or two in some lovely world capitals. That's not too excessive is it? Now to get the billions.

Mr. Abramovich, if you're reading this I hope you'll buy this and always have the biggest yacht! I am ashamed to say, as politically correct as I am, that you are my hero. To be 40-ish, cute, rich beyond belief and to be able to have all of these amazing things would be wonderful. There's an idea for a reality show: "How to be Roman Abramovich for a day!" He could develop the concept into a Trump-like franchise, with a phrase like "Mine's bigger" instead of "You're fired"!!

I'd definitely make a visit to one of Roman's residences, La Croe, the Duke & Duchess of Windsor's former compound in Cap d'Antibes, the first visit on the show if I were a contestant! That is mighty fine taste you have, Mr. Abramovich!

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