Sunday, January 24, 2010

NOW this is funny....way to go Conan!

I don't watch tv, except for DVD. I used to watch CNN at night but I cannot stand Larry King anymore and Anderson Cooper (before the Haiti disaster) seems to be trying to become Fox (or as another blogger sagely said: faux fox). Alas, I will maybe watch Discovery channel or Chelsea Lately when I eat dinner.

So, most of the recent NBC late night brouhaha was a bit lost on me. I never liked Leno. I've always preferred Letterman. I've never watched Conan or Leno's new shows. But I do think no matter what, that the NBC people are idiots.

Since I don't like Leno I'm automatically sympathetic to Conan. But after this, I LOVE the guy. This is utterly hysterical. You go, Conan. (thanks to for this). And good for Tom Hanks for taking part in this perfect fuck you gesture.

Perezhilton had this listing today on his blogsite:

You Go, Coco! O'Brien Blows NBC's Money Until The End!

Although Conan refrained from slamming NBC during his last night on the Tonight Show, Coco had no problem spending the network's $$$!

According to The Roots' drummer and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon house band leader Questlove, NBC paid $500,000 for Tom Hanks to walk out to The Beatles' Lovely Rita (in honor of Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson) on Conan's Friday night show!!

Tweeted Questlove:

"yo i hate spoiling but i will have you know that walk on song we just heard was half a milli. i know cause i got the list rate at nbc… anytime you use the beatles on tv that will cost you dearly."


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