Saturday, June 15, 2013

HENRY CAVILL: Sexiest Man Alive.....undoubtedly. The perfect male form!

I just saw Man of Steel, the new Superman movie that debuted today starring the most perfect man alive, British actor Henry Cavill.   He is utterly, drop-dead gorgeous in this movie.   Sort of makes JFK Jr (R.I.P.) look a little less god-like????? No?

His full name is Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill.  He's 30 years old and hails from Jersey, United Kingdom.

I became aware of the beauty and the talent of this actor from the HBO series, The Tudors, which was about King Henry VIII.  Cavill appeared in the series as one of the principal characters, Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, who was King Henry VIII's best friend. (For many years, which is remarkable for anyone who lived around the King didn't really have longevity being a friend Henry's or alive for that matter).

Cavill was astonishingly beautiful in the most manly sort of way in The Tudors. (   He had a wonderful hairy chest and a sexy full beard.  He was perfect in the role, in a very good television show.

He makes a spectacular Superman in this new reboot of the much-franchised film series.  I was thrilled to see that Henry wasn't waxed/shaved in the Superman film, as is all the fashion these days for men (and so unappealing).   And, he was quite buff.  Although my friend Zack said he thought he was so because of Steroids?  I'm not usually attracted to pumped up men, but Zack is my trainer and I will trust his word. Fortunately, this latest Superman character is buff, but not bizarre looking, which one sees in any gym in your neighborhood.  No Hulks!

At the same time, Cavill's amazing, beautiful, handsome, masculine, virile face in the movie is gaunt. It somehow diminished the steroid-looking body that he displayed.    

He really does fill out the Superman outfit (sans the red speedos which a wardrobe change in this film).

This dude is hot.  Channing Tatum is homely next to this dude.  Voila

Henry Cavill is a very talented actor.   The film, although not my usual cup o' tea, was great.

Go see it!  To enjoy two and a half hours of eye candy.....and a compelling and entertaining film and not just because of the eye candy. 

I really think that we'll be seeing a lot more of Henry Cavill in the future.  He is too talented, and like Bradley Cooper, very handsome.  A double threat?   A triple threat?


  1. While I have nothing but admiration for Bradley Cooper, Henry Cavill is clearly the more handsome of the two.

  2. Since a saw the series THE TUDORS I got fascinated with Henry Cavill's beauty and his talent in it too. In the MAN OF STEEL he was good too and I live it very much. I'll keep long if I describe here the other films he made. I really can't wait for another show. Hope it isn't take so long. By the way I got the box series THE TUDORS.

    Thanks for posted here photos and gif from his great british actor. Hope get news from him very soon.

    Marival da S. Meireles