Saturday, September 8, 2018

We made a PEACH PIE

We made a Peach Pie. I don't think I've ever baked a pie. I find the whole dough portion a little tedious. Thank heavens for Junebug (my mother)! Bella, our recent adopted rescue dog, was our sous chef.
This turned out wonderful. The recipe had a fancier "lattice" top but we made a simpler one. 
We didn't make the dough as the recipe directs. I bought packaged dough in the refrigerated section. 

Bella our sous chef

Friday, August 17, 2018


R.I.P. to Aretha Franklin who had one of the most incredible singing voices of our time. You deserve respect and devotion. She had an unprecedented talent.
A previous Facebook posting showed Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand singing together on Judy's eponymous television series in the 60's. It would have been even more of a triumph for Judy to have hosted the Queen of Soul. La Franklin was that and more.
Bravo, Aretha and thank you for changing our world with your talent, beauty and genius.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

One of my favorite things: A New SKYSCRAPER

I haven't posted here for a while.  Thanks for the two comments that were left in the interim.  Thank you.

No doubt that this passion I have for tall buildings is phallic.  But I wasn't aware of this new structure, currently called "Lakhtta Centre" which is being built in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg in Russia.  When finished it will be the tallest building in Europe at 87 floors, 462 meters high (1,516 ft.)  The building, according to Dezeen, the design has a 90 degree twist from foundation to tip.

Photography is by Slava Korolev

It was designed by "British architect Tony Kettle designed the tower during his tenure at RMJM, before handing the project over to Russian architects Gorproject to complete."  It continues a trend of "spire" skyscrapers (London's Spire, Shenzhen's new super tall building and others) that are being built.

I love the continued evolution and beauty of architecture in the world.  The US was once the leader for these structures.  Sadly, we have become very low on the totem pole of architecture height distinction and building design.  It illustrates the decline of our country in so many things in this Trump-era.

India Block, Dezeen,

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A beautiful, modern house in the HAMPTONS. Me Want!

This is such a work of art, in my opinion.   The architecture, interior design and landscape is perfect.  It is named Ocean Pond

This home was featured on daily beast at

"Set on 42-acres of beachside land, this chateau is all about a reverence for wood, for breathtaking design, and for the luxurious touches that will make your house the envy of the Long Island coast."

Friday, June 8, 2018

R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain

I admired him.  His show, Parts Unknown on CNN was the best thing on television.  Someone, I think it Eric Ripert, said he was the greatest storyteller.  He was that and so much more.

I believe that each of us should have the liberty to live and die.  I respect his choice today.  But I am heartbroken.  I feel like the world lost someone important, special and irreplaceable.  The world is awful, but you, Mr. Bourdain, brought a different view that made me feel somewhat like hope.

Monday, June 4, 2018

A POSITIVE story about East Coast Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast in 2012 and devastated Manhattan and other neighboring cities.  This article illustrates how they are rebuilding the houses that had been obliterated by Sandy.  This is wonderful news.  But 6 years later?????!
(1) Photos and article:

The devastation that 2017 Hurricane Maria wrought on "is regarded as being the worst natural disaster on record." 

Recent news articles have uncovered the death total in Puerto Rico was so egregiously understated at  60 deaths just after the hurricane but is estimated now at approximately 4,500 people.  A majority of the citizens of Puerto Rica are living in hideous conditions: 
  • there is very poor access to medicine and health care workers.
  • their homes were destroyed and now they are living with dozens in the assortment of small houses that weren't devastated by the huricane
  • they have not had water and other utility services (water, etc) restored
The blame for the inhumane response trump, republicans and all americans. Puerto Rican's are statuary citizens when the US designated P.R. to be US territory,

Puerto Rico still needs our help as does Haiti.  Please read this article:

Please donate:

Sunday, June 3, 2018

I LOVE this architectural conversion from an electrical substation to a BEAUTIFUL Mansion and compound in Chicago.

"OMG, I Want That House: Chicago, Illinois," Allison McNearney, The Daily Beast, June 2, 1918.  This conversion of an old electrical substation in Lincoln Park to a repurposed mansion in Chicago is exquisite (Click on it to enlarge and enjoy it all the more).  Architecture and design by Liederbach and Graham (

It is a large compound, which has been beautifully tended to by a landscaper architect.

The eclectic use of mixed colors/patterns in the interior design isn't exactly my style.  But the paean to it's industrial roots are charming to me. I would love living in the "mansion" just the way it is.

I love the amazing shower with a balcony! 

I love this imaginative home.  It used to be an electrical substation.  And now, it is truly a beautiful example of design and the way ahead (without  Trump) for our species.  All photos are from

This architectural curiosity is so reminiscent of another home that was featured earlier on this blog (which no one reads).  A Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill, converted a former cement factory into a Medieval castle.  No one seems to give a shit that I write here.  But if you want to see the blog about the Spanish castle click here:  This is a modern architectural RENOVATION wonder: former cement factory becomes a MEDIEVAL CASTLE in Spain

Or maybe not.  No in the world shares my interests. It has been that from moment I was born. I keep spending time trying trying this forum.  I don't benefit at all from this waste of time.

I do not spell or write very well anymore.  I was infected with HIV at the onset of the illness in the early 80's (unprotected sex and methamphetimine usage when I shared needles.  The first time I did meth intravenously, at 22ish, I felt more wonderful than I had ever felt.  I remember saying to my friend: "where has this been all my life.)  

None of us had any idea of the malevolent, evil change coming our way.  I was a deer in the headlight.  I have survived I don't know decades from my infection.  People have always hated me from the day I was born in Lubbock, Tx, until now.

I hope that someone will read this blog blog.  It is the only diary that I have.

I have always loved architecture.  When I was a lad I was obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright, Architecture, and Airlines.  I obsessed over these things.  They gave me dreams.

I'm done for the evening, if not forever.  I have spent so many years trying to learn this online forum. I'm just not that good at it like most of the recent technological developments.  It is truly for me to leave this.  I am so ready to leave this world.  But I love my sweet new rescue dog, (Bella).  She is wonderful. She was so skittish but the two of us have a soulmate relationship.  

Please check out the house profiled in this entry and the other one from the past that is similar.  Or check out any of my previous belongings.  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

GIA CARANGI: Remembering a beautiful woman and her life

Back in the late years of last century, I read a biography about the life the "first supermodel," Gia Carangi ("Thing of Beauty" by Stephen Fried).  It has haunted me every since.  She was so beautiful.  Her life was short and ended tragically.  She was one of the first famous women who died of AIDS as a result of her heroine addiction.

 I fell in love with her when I discovered her and read the biography.  I have seen it said that when Cindy Crawford started she was referred to as 'Baby Gia' on Twitter ('When I first started modeling I was referred to as "Baby Gia" after Gia Carangi. What do you think?', Cindy Crawford's Twitter account)

Cindy's amazing success continues to this day.  But Gia led a life of the 70's/80's.  She died tragically in 1983 of AIDS at the young age of 26.

I was a couple of years younger than her and I lived through the AIDS crisis (I'm still alive today since becoming HIV+ in the early to mid 80's.)  The older I get (I'm now 55) I am saddened, with exception of a few people who have died, future generations have no understanding of people that lived amazing lives before us.  No doubt when I was young I was the same way.

I won't ever forget Gia Carangi for her amazing beauty and her short life.  Her star burned so bright.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The SEATTLE SPACE NEEDLE completes a $100 million renovation

My paternal side of the family lived in Seattle and Washington.  I lived in Texas.  But I grew up as a young lad, teenager, young adult visiting Seattle and my favorite Aunt.  She was Aunt LaVaughn by name but she was truly the most wonderful larger than life character.  She was my very own Auntie Mame.

Every visit, we would go up to the rotating restaurant at the top of Seattle Space Needle.  It was magical.  In my adult life I been to Seattle many times.  It feels like a second home considering I've been there so many times and had so many important people there throughout my life.

The last time I was there was five years ago.  We went to the restaurant for lunch.  It was lovely. (Except as the room revolved pieces of gum left by children over the years would reveal themselves.)  It was disgusting.  But they served as much as a landmark as the beautiful 360 degree Seattle cityscape that was hundreds of feet below.   It was a very memorable dining experience then, when I was 50 as it had been decades when I was there as a young boy.

The last time I was there the renovation were announced.

Architectural Digest reports that the project is completed (1).  It looks as though they truly have made it a more modern and enticing experience.

(1) Kristine Hansen, Architectural Digest, May 2018, "Seattle’s Iconic Space Needle Prepares to Unveil a $100 Million Renovation"

Friday, September 29, 2017

What a GREAT Home Design in JOSHUA TREE

According to the article, this is a proposed home that has been commissioned by a producer.  Designed by British architect James Whitaker, it is comprised of shipping containers that have been assembled in a modern, provocative and original design.  The house will be built in Joshua Tree, CA which is a neighbor of mine in the Palm Springs area of southern California.  Palm Springs is known for its mid-century modern architectural wonders.  Joshua Tree and other hi-Desert homes have created many ultra-modern homes (this area isn't that populated) that, in my opinion, are the perfect setting for these cutting edge designs.

I have admired of the last few years many examples of beautiful homes that use shipping containers.  This one is the best and I think that it is because of its location in such strange, other-worldly landscape.  It would be just as appealable in an urban environment and I've seen examples.  These designs aren't quite as cutting edge.

I love unique architectural designs.  I live in a region where architecture is an important part of its history and culture.  I'm fortunate.

Check out the article about this house at:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

ME WANT: the new Tesla 3

 I have admired the Tesla cars since they were launched.  But only the wealthy could afford the product.  Elon Musk, the visionary and founder of Tesla thinks about transforming and improving the world we live in.  I think he is single-handedly changing our world and the way we operate.

Last week, he launched a new and gorgeous product that is not as expensive as his previous creation. The new car, Tesla 3, reflect the same commitment to design quality and dedication to creating a new new automobile.  This goes down in history tantamount to the creation of cars and of airplanes.  Of course, the fact that is an all electric car is revolutionary.

In addition to that milestone, Tesla has a commitment to quality an design aesthetics which are reminiscent of Steve Jobs and Apple.

The exterior is beautiful.  The front dashboard has no elements or instrumentation.  I has only a computer screen, similar on iPad that provides speed and basic functions a driver would expect.  And it allows control of all car functions as well as other features (mapping, GPS).  This design is revolutionary as well.

The car starts at $35,000 for the basic model.  You can upgrade the battery length/distance and there features such as a moonroof.   I will never be able to afford this beauty be the price is realistic and will help transition the auto industry.  The article enclosed says that the UK has made oil (petrol)/gasoline vehicles to be illegal beginning in 2040.  Volvo has also committed to moving to an all electric product line.

This is so wonderful for every driver on the planet.  We will eliminate our dependence and gouging by oil companies and countries around the world that are making Trillions of dollars because of our dependance on oil.  I wouldn't be surprised that the lunatic president in office now, as well as the oil industry and the countries that produce oil, don't do something to hijack them.  This could make them all obsolete.  I don't think that will happen without inference.  These components in the current world make so much money.  Most of our politics are based upon this resource.

I hope for mankind that Elon Musk is truly launching a new age.  But I am very jaded about the world and big corporations and politics.

Enjoy these photos that illustrate the beauty of the Tesla 3 model.  Check out this article:

Thursday, August 31, 2017

IN Remembrance: DIANA, Princess of Wales

 I will never forget this remarkable, singular, enigmatic woman. She was a human who truly tried to bring good to the world.  I feel so angry of her treatment.  Her spoiled, jealous, heartless husband Charles and his mistress, Camilla, will go down in history as the world's most hateful, notorious bullies.  I think that so many people let her down:  the royal family and the Spencers.  The Windsors wanted a young, virgin princess for the Prince of Wales.  She gave them that.  And she outshone them.  As far as I'm concerned she was far more regal than anyone in that hateful, Windsor family, expect for The Queen.

Diana is pictured here with another remarkable humanitarian of that era, Mother Teresa. Diana was 19 years old when she married Charles who was 33.  The royal priince just assumed that she would know how to be a fairy tale princess. And she became that.  The public adored her, which created jealousy and envy within the Windsor firm.  Rather than provide her with guidance, support and appreciation, they instead treated her with condescension and envy.  In spite of the force of the Establishment that was against her, she grew as a human.  She suffered personal pain, but this did not inhibit her from evolving and rising above all of it.  She is perhaps the most accomplished humanitarian in history.  She was remarkably beautiful.  She evolved from a beautiful young woman into an astonishing, self-confident, remarkable human.  She was dedicated mother who raised two sons who now portray all of her public qualities.  She truly lives on through these two and the way they have chosen to behave as adults.  All qualities that the royal family, for the most part, lack (they have tried to become modern, but they have a ways to go--and Charles is not the person who possesses the talent to do that.

I just watched a tv show.  Diana laughed and it was a beautiful, infectious moment.  That is the thing about Diana, she was, and will forever remain magical, unlike anyone else.

I remember the night she died.  Where were you?  I was in Montreal on vacation and had just checked in to my hotel.  It was 10 or 11 pm.  I turned on the television and heard the news.  I was heartbroken.  She had been such an inspiration since my early twenties when I'd watched her getting married to Charles.  I admired her immensely.  When I first heard the news I thought: "they've (the royal family) murdered her."  I haven't changed my mind since.

The British monarchy pulled off the biggest scam in history, offering up this "sacrificial lamb" to create a false fairy tale.  The world is basically a lie, but I didn't begin to know that until she died.  In the twenty years since, the royal family have done their very best to vilify her.  And they allowed Charles and her mistress to marry.  Fine.  But I don't think Charles should ever ascend to the throne (especially not Camilla as Queen--she is more of a courtesan).  I think they got what they (Duke and Duchess of Cornwall) wanted and they should be exiled into anonymity onto their own island of Elba.  That is certainly what the hateful royal family did to the previous Prince of Wales, King Edward VIII and thereafter Duke of Windsor.

I have feared all these years that the royal family would extinguish her from history.  That doesn't appear to be the case, as she left behind two remarkable, modern, royal sons that have vowed that she will never be forgotten.  She left a legacy far more powerful than would have ever been imagined. The future of the monarchy (if there is one) will be drastically different because of Diana and her sons, Prince William and Prince of Wales and the love that she gave to our world.

I admire the Queen immensely.  Unlike the rest of her family Her Majesty has never put a wrong foot forward during her long lifetime.  The only exception was Diana.  Charles and his mistress are baboons.  I know that he is so arrogant as to want to inherit the throne.   How sad that this pathetic excuse of a man has never had to pay a price for his human weaknesses.  This couple, Charles and Camilla should suffer karma.  He should not be king. And they should both remove themselves from public life.  Enjoy their bliss together.  They certainly left a horrid path of destruction to achieve their aim to be wed.

I will not ever forget Diana.  And I will always support her legacy:  William, Kate, George, Charlotte
and Harry and those that follow.  So many remarkable pictures and memories of her and just a few are shown here.

Diana, Princess of Wales you are gone, but I pledge I will never forget you.  I suppose there may be people who don't know who she was or her story.  Today, August 31, is the twentieth anniversary of her death.  She inspired the world unlike few others.

Friday, August 18, 2017

A NEW Tower May be The World's Largest Tower...for a Short Time

A new Dubai tower, currently named the Dubai Creek Tower, will be the tallest tower in Dubai.  According to CCN Online it "would be ready in time for Dubai Expo 2020."  The current tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai at 2,717ft.  CNN goes on to report:  "When completed, this new 3,045ft tower will best the Burj by a massive 322ft."  The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world.

This will be great and a significant milestone.  The problem is that another building is currently underway in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Jeddah Tower (formerly known as the Kingdom Tower), when it is finished will be 3,045ft making.  As of July 2017, 58 floors have been completed on the Jeddah Tower.

The new Dubai Creek Tower currently has only a 236ft deep foundation footprint.  The tower was designed by architect, Santiago Calatrava.   This structure is different than the Burj Khalifa and the Jeddah Tower.  It does not contain habitable space.  It is similar to the Eiffel Tower, CNN Tower in Toronto, or the Tokyo Skytree (currently the tallest "tower").  It will feature an observation deck and a "capacious Hanging Gardens of Babylon-style floors."   There will not be any floors that contain residential or commercial space.

Read more in the CNN article:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright: Interesting NY island goes up For Sale

This Wright designed family compound which was built on "Situated on the 11-acre Petra Island in upstate New York's Putnam County, the property, known as the Massaro house," according to a DailMail online article by Kelly McLaughlin which was posted today. It is on Lake Mahopac and is a 15-minute helicopter ride to Manhattan, thanks to it's roof helipad.

The house and island is for sale for $14.9 and is evocative of the architect's most famed creations:  Fallingwater which is located in Pennsylvania.  

This house is very curious though.  It was originally commissioned in 1950 by the owner of the island, engineer, Ahmed Chahroud.  Alas, Chahroud, could not afford the $50,000 expense to build Wright's design.   The Petra Island was eventually bought by Joe Massaro by a new owner who bought Petra for $70,000, who commenced construction of Wright's blueprints.   It took four years and Wright's house finally completed in 2007.  It is impressive.  The furniture looks to be all evocative of Wright.  It looks as though it was built in 1950 when the architect originally designed it. It remained fateful to the famed architect's design and beliefs.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with architecture.  At the time I was obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright and I recall checking out every book from the library about the man and his designs.  I still love architecture.  It is one of my few fancies these days.  I so wish I could have become an architect but alas, I have found algebra, geometry, etc to be utterly impossible.  

This is a wonderful story.  A heart-shaped island within minutes Manhattan, with a Frank Lloyd Wright designed compound (house and two guest houses) which was not built until 2007, over a half century after the architect designed it in blue print.

That is happy news!