Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BEST NEW architecture in the LAST century??

Zaha Hadid.....where have you been my entire life?  You are an artist. You are a visionary.  And you have evolved into a design essence which I can identify with.  The way that I've evolved over the last forty years as an architectural hobbiest.

Gehry is wonderful, yes!  He was my hero for a period.  At one point, Gehry, made feel emotional.

Similar but not exactly like I feel discovering your monumental visions/structure. You are exploring non-traditional forms and you and Gehry are making this new architecture elegant and ethereal, but in different ways.  You are creating new art and sculptural forms in architecture. Based upon the world we live in today and using the technology, design and material advancements in the last fifty years. (like the picture at right which three seeming "bouncing" buildings are sitting together).

Dame Hadid..........I only learned your name in my History of Architecture class last night (2/25/13).  I've seen several of her buildings/designs but didn't know her name.  This architect, Hadid, is arguably one of the most enlightened artists in our world today and in the last two hundred years.

Pei was interesting, too.  Phillip Johnson made a mark.  And then there was Frank Lloyd Wright.  But creating new forms, defying engineering rules known before and incorporating technology, means that you both are truly leading this industry into the new world.  When I was a kid I dreamed to understand the beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Being the old man that I am, I give thanks for the architecture created by Zaha Hadid.

When I was a child I was for some bizarre reason obsessed with the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.  I was a stupid idiot kid from Lubbock, loser, West Texas which is truly the armpit of the world.  But Lloyd was magical for a hick, dumb shit idiot like me.  I guess I found the structures appealing for all sorts of reasons.

I have literally not felt that childhoold level of passion for architecture since I discovered Zaha Hadid last night.  These structures are simply magnificent.  Gehry, is as well.  There is such yin and yang in both their work.

Magnifique ............behold photos below:

Credit, copyright for all of these photos belongs to zahab hadid


  1. Those last two pix look like the buildings got too hot and are melting.

  2. SickoRicko. You are right. That is exactly what the last 2 designs look like. I am taking a History of Architecture course at local college and professor showed a video of Hadid's designs. I'd seen some of them, but didn't really know the name of architect. She is amazing. She takes Gehry to a new level. Shapes that defy all previous architectural attemps or though.

    Thanks for reading! We watched a video on Gaudi last week, in addition to Hadid. I always though Gaudi was ostentatious and pretentious. But maybe I was wrong. It isn't my style but I did appreciate it when I saw a volume of his work.